Gun damage - stats before or after bonuses?

I always was wondering. with guns they have lets say bonus to damage.
So damage that is show already has that damage included? or is damage plus the bonus = final damage?

The damage shown on the card includes the bonus damage (or fire rate, etc.). This has always been the case in Borderlands games. :slight_smile:

really? I assumed it didnt

after more research on this matter i had to agree with this. bit misleading tho as why even bother with listing those bonuses

Yeah, stats on the card like fire rate and damage are already calculated with the bonuses listed below. So if it says “damage: 50” and “+30% gun damage”, the 50 damage is the result after the bonus. It basically just tells you that the gun has some damage-boosting parts that count towards the overall damage listed.

These stats have been a matter of confusion before, like when in BL2 a sniper rifle card said “+120% critical hit damage” it didn’t mean 120% more than a regular sniper rifle, but only 20% more than the +100% of the regular one (which isn’t mentioned on that one’s card).

But if an item card has an explicit value for damage or fire rate, always assume all bonuses are already factored in.