Gun Gun drop amounts

When i use the eridian fabricator it occasionally only drops 9 guns instead of 10, but still uses 10 eridian. iv experimented with it a bit, counting how many guns i pick up, and it doesnt seem to matter if i shoot it once or multiple times, it will occasionally drop 9 for each. Iv emptyed my backpack and have done this, sometimes i end with 40, sometimes 38, or 39. i havnt quite figured out how often it happens exacly, as i have trouble getting eridium sometimes. but i believe, at its best, its bout 1 in every 4-5 trys i get 9 instead of 10, at worst 1 in every 2-3 trys. iv probably lost bout 10-20 eridium from this happening

The exact amount isn’t a fixed number. I’ve had drops of 8 & 9. I could be wrong but I think rocket launcher spawning affects the number.

you know thats crossed my mind, like heavy counting as two, or purple counting as two, but never really thought bout it or experimented for it. im gonna check it next time i shoot and sell