Gun Gun - How To Remove?

I have this gun but when I look at it, it looks like a quest item. I can equip and use it but I cannot bank it or get it out of my inventory? Is this the way it is suppose to be?

Any replies are greatly appreciated.

You can hang it on the Heavy Weapon plaque in your room on Sanctuary. Only way to remove it from your inventory that I know of.

@fay - Thanks for the reply. I forgot all about those, and have never used them. I just created a bunch of Mules.

Thanks again! I’ll give it a try.

I think you could sell it to Marcus too. At least I had the option to in the shop, didn’t actually click sell

You can sell it, but worth noting it doesn’t use up an inventory slot, so you aren’t losing space.

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Like what was said above, it doesn’t take backpack space, better to leave in you inventory if you are not going to sell it.