Gun mechanics question

Ive looked through the forums and havent found what Im looking for so maybe someone here can shoot me in the right direction or give me the answer. I was wondering if theres any way to look at your saves from Xbox 360 on PC to look at the weapons that you have in your backpack to understand the different aspects of the weapons and learn how the different attachments change how your wepaon performs and effects your stats.

Im not looking to mod or gibb just to learn the Borderlands weapon system better. I have pictures of the different attachments and what they do but I dont want to have the game on and have to continously revert back and forth to figure out the weapon.

Hopefully that makes sense and hopefully someone has an answer.

Thanks and Happy Vault Hunting.


Is this what you’re looking for?

Kind of. Ive used that before and it didnt help and made no sense to me. Im looking for something that I can take my Level 53 Assassin and open up the save file and really break down the weapons and equipment that I have to see how its impacting my character and to learn and use the weapon mechanics to my advantage with the build I use.

I want to also get better at visually knowing different parts of weapons so when I run across something I can know what type of impact it will have if I choose to start using it.

Does that make sense?

Hi, check out

I have those. What Id like to do is instead of having my game up and running and going back and forth from the game to the pictures, Id like to find a way to open the save file and compare them on the computer. In a way have my inventory in one window with those pictures in another window for the stats and what not and say Notepad open for notes on how those stats and attachments and what not affect and benefit my Assassin with my badass points etc.

Im trying to get a real comprehensive look at how my character stacks up with different things to find the best stuff for my build/playing style

That’s going pretty deep, you can play at a good level by knowing the basic parts that are useful for the weapons you have, assuming you use mostly legendaries/pearls/blue uniques etc. and then checking the guide to make sure you have those parts, there’s a limit to how much min-maxing every detail will change a great deal, particularly before OP levels. There’s lots of good videos on youtube like and plenty for individual weapons that go over good alternatives for parts

Yeah thats what Im looking to do. Im learning about them and studying them but I just want to dive a little deeper. Im like that with everything especially this game.

I dont even know if what Im looking for exists. Lol But its worth a shot trying to find out or find more information on what Im looking at and for.

In the game there isn’t anything that explains the parts and their stats. That’s only found online, unless you gib each individual part onto a gun to see how it changes the stats.

Just keep the chart handy. It gets really easy to recognize the important parts (sights don’t matter except on launchers) once you’ve seen it enough.

Right on. I guess thats the best answer. lol Ill just keep the references open