Gun parts? (Maybe Spoilers?)

i see a lot about gun parts and how to identify them. however i’m not sure how to get them in the first place. do i need to do a quest (mission) first if so where can i find it. is it only in end game versions?. any help would be nice. this looks like something rather fun to get into.

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Very few guns, shields or grenades have fixed parts - for example, “x” gun will always have “y” grip and “z” scope. Instead all parts (sight, grip, stock, element, accessory, barrel) are randomly generated each time.

For dedicated drops (say the Harold from Lee), you just have to grind away farming him until you get the parts you want - or you don’t get the parts you don’t want (looking at you Tediore TV).

For quest rewards, you have to read-only (PC) or dashboard (console) farm the individual you turn the quest into.

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@gtanebaum47 as you sound like you are new to the game and just starting your playthroughs you can be assured that parts don’t matter early on. They only matter later in the game as basically better or ideal versions of certain weapons. There’s no need to spend the tedious time farming for a good parted weapon early in the game, as you’ll soon outlevel it anyway. Just enjoy playing the game early on and finding weapon classes and weapons you like…Once you’re more familiar with the game and have characters at max level, then things like weapon parts become considerations…I say this from experience, I leveled several characters to max level without ever once worrying about the parts on my drops


That’s how every new player should do, just play the game and don;t worry about parts.

This is the best time to start farming perfect gear. Of course you can try it before UVHM, but it’s not necessary.


My opinion only - if you do farm for good parts before max lvl, I’d suggest worrying more about finding good grips and less on the stocks (obviously pistols don’t factor in here). I’ve seen vids where players rejected an otherwise VERY nice gun because of a ‘not perfect’ stock.

And I agree completely about not worrying about parts in NVHM at all…too much effort for an item that will be under-leveled all too soon.