Gun parts: Was this supposed to be crafting?

Ok so, one of the features in the game is inspecting a weapon and looking at the individual parts to see that they grant a buff or nerf to the gun’s stats.


Remember back in previous games when someone came up with a save file editor that let you basically part together any item in the game with the best parts? Ever see some of the crazy stuff people figured out by mismatching parts? Remember the rage over this trend?

I thought the devs didn’t like those editors?

So then in the pre-sequel we get the ability to kind-of do this in game with the grinder. Are we to assume this is where this current feature was leaning?

Because that would make a lot of sense to me. Farming that best in slot SMG but just can’t get it to drop? Have a few copies of it that are “great except for <some stat you don’t like>”? Why not let us take those apart and combine them with the parts we want?

I mean, that’s what it feels like this menu was aimed at. Or am is this just me being wishful? Because I feel that it would kill two birds with one stone by giving people a way to tune their gear to what they want while also eliminating the need for save editors when we can do the same thing in game.

Just me?


Before the game was released I spoke with a friend at length about how awesome it would be if BL3 had a gunsmith option using the same mechanic you described. The only thing I added was you would use the in-game currency such as Eridium to facilitate this, just like using moonstone in TPS to “boost” grinds

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They just wanted to make it easier for players to figure out where their weapon bonuses and penalties were coming from.

I think we’re at the stage in this game’s lifecycle where drastic changes like this won’t happen, at least not without some sort of paid content after DLC 4.

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We’d been asking for more detailed gun cards literally since the BL1 era.


I came to bl3 hoping theyd add to all the features they had in all previous games… Not take away.

Im dissapointed. Severely

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I don’t think this really has to do with gun crafting. It’s probably more about giving you a rough estimate on whether you managed to roll good parts or not. I mean, in Borderlands 2 it was fairly doable to memorize how certain parts looked and what they did, but now in Borderlands 3 where there’s a much greater amount of weapon parts because you can’t have cross-manufacturer parts anymore it really helps.
I would however like a little more information. Like, what parts of the weapon you just got are fixed and which are not, whether something is a prefix or a gun part, whether there’s still particular gun parts responsible for making something a unique/legendary (in Bl2 it was the barrels) etc…


the entire system only for advertise trillion guns , no one even care bout part on 3 anyway , annoint is what mattered

They added Ava, menu lag, and various other features. Disappointent is wasted on them. They are nothing but [k]no[w] ragrets (sic). Borderlands 3 is the Anti-Raoh. It is I Am Legend minus Will Smith.

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