Gun platforms vs HW1

I had this weird game where I took mid on Kharam Wreck, had like 6-7 interceptor squadrons + 12 gun platforms (peak numbers), but lost mid to a Taii player spamming scouts-interceptors-light corvettes. How is this even possible?

Scouts are good for soaking dmg, and interceptors can do some amazing dmg, he just did the right strategy to stop those plats, i do that too against plats, if he did defenders for example he would be destroyed.

I thought gun platforms were anti fighter/corvette?

Yes they are, the thing is that usually a swarm rusher will pump up 4 production lines, against one production line doing the plats, so they can’t hold up, and the plats from the mother ship won’t arrive quick enough.

We both had our carriers in the middle, ms pumping intis, carrier doing like 3 intis then switching to plats. I constantly docked my intis (playing Hiig, that works quite well). I distributed the plats evenly, by moving the carrier around. I’m pretty sure I should have won mid with this build.

I mean, that IS over 3000RUs worth of stuff that can be only moved once, it should be good for something.

Well it is about how you do you know, I won games using interceptors against defenders, defenders should win right!? After all they are anti-fighters.
If you swichted i presume he were doing better already on fighters fight.

According to my calculations, gun platforms have an ideal DPS vs fighters of around 6, vs 18 from a corvette squadron or 25 from an interceptor squadron. It looks like gun platforms just aren’t very good expect for their durability.

I had the lead at the beginning strikecraft-wise, but I wanted to cement mid for my own use. I’m fond of platforms, but the gun platforms are generally disappointing.

That is very interesting, have you got a spreadsheet of these values somewhere? If so, I’d love to have them.

I’m working on setting up a website for that data. It’s rough and incomplete, which I’m working on fixing, but if you’d like a look at it’s incomplete state feel free to shoot me a PM.

Without the other side of this story I can’t really explain exactly why you lost the fight however one thing to realize is that HW1 ships are much better at concentrating fire. If you had level 0 plats you would lose them really fast to a combined swarm because they would be taken down so fast. It isn’t like they are hard targets to hit. I’ve taken out plats before with just scouts and interceptors, I just happened to have 30-40 of them against the plats, each plat can only target one, maybe two fighters at a time, in a swarm of 30 plus that is a drop in the bucket.

Aren’t gun plats the same gun that gunships have?

They take 2 shot to kill the HW1 ships which in that edge case basically makes them twice as good.

I think that gun plat rush only works vs not so good players, anyway. Gun plats are really awful and the only thing good about them is they don’t use up your other supplies when they’re maxed.

Send it my way? I made all that data available, after all. o_O

The only thing that has given my plat walls trouble is Vaygr laser vettes.

Once level1 armor is up, and then my 2nd carrier starts pumping them as it approaches, They do well.

It helps immensely if one can build 4-5 plats and deploy them from a mid-short distance all at once.

A HW1 ally with a gravwell makes any plat wall nigh unto invincible early game.

Ion research needs to be done immediately after level1 gun armor.

Then alternate ion/gun/ion.

Ions chase the carrier away once there are more than 3.

HW2 Refinery(pair is best) is a must for early plat wall assistance. They make all the difference in the world.

Plats are more of a commitment than one would think, but can be worth the research/build time in certain circumstances.