Gun prices...also RNG?

So this is fairly irrelevant but I found something that made me wonder if gun prices are a separate RNG stat that gets generated? I always assumed the price was tied to level, item score and maybe stats or manufacturer or some combination. However, I found two identical shields on a vendor…well almost identical. One is a lot cheaper!

Left is the purchase price. Right is the sell price. Purchase price has always been higher than the sell price since the first game. Only exception is if you sold the item you can buy it back for the same price.

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Nope. Those are two different shields with two different prices. They were both in the same vendor at the same time. I ended up buying the one for 4020. Every stat including item score and level and manufacturer are identical except the price…for some reason.

Are you positive? Because you are showing the item in the vendor and the item equipped on you. The price drops once you purchase the item. The only thing I could think of was the item you bought was item of the day which are usually cheaper.

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The pictures look a bit different. I wonder if they are two different configurations of parts that arrive at the same stats for a different value?

That was my thought too. Could be a combination of parts with different “cost” but with the same end result.

That screenshot was before I purchased the item. I was comparing both items from within the vending machine. You could scroll through the machine and see each item was a different price. It is possible one was the deal of the day. I forgot about that and don’t remember now if that was the case but now that you mention it…that is a likely explanation even if I can’t say for sure now.