Gun questions 15

I have a lvl 65 Mayhem 10 flipper with consecutive hits anointment. I was wondering if the bonus builds as long as some of the bullets are striking the target as the flipper has definite spread to the bullets and they usually won’t all connect. It SEEMS to work really well.

And I’m playing with a complex root again. It actually kills really well but kills me just as often. This is ok if I’m shooting into a mob and running away as fast as I can, but I wonder if there is any definite wisdom on proper use of it.

Playing as Moze.

Any thoughts on these two are appreciated.

Consecutive hits doesn´t work like it says on the card, you can miss as much as you want. The stacks go away when you don´t hit anything for about a second or switch weapons. Also, you can stack it with pretty much everything, like grenades, DoT etc.

Complex root area of effect is affected by all your aoe effects, like tcp. Area of effect damage rolls on com and artefact also increases the radius. The range of that can get so big that you pretty much kill yourself across the map with it. The only things you can do about that is either hiding behind a wall after shooting it, use a rad version with red suit or shock version with a transformer. Keep in mind that you don´t use different ASE anoints or anything that adds a different element to your shot when going for matching CR shield combo.

You can also use it in an IB build to pretty much clear all barrels in an large area. Shoot once and instantly jump into IB. IB has invinciblity for a couple of seconds during entering, so he is save.


This said, FitSD will down you in one shot every time. Best to stay away from speccing into any of Moze’s incendiary skills in any builds utilizing this kind of interaction.

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And thanks to you!