Gun rarity in borderlands 2

So I know that white is common, greens are uncommon, pink is seraph, magenta is E Tech. My only question is about the blue weapons… I know that they are uniques, but are all blue weapons considered uniques? And if not, how can I tell the difference? And if any of those are wrong or you have more to add, please feel free.

You’ll find most of the info you need either in the BL2: Loot & Weapons category or on the Borderlands wiki. The only blue weapons regarded as uniques are the ones with red text modifiers on their stat card (e.g. Good Touch, Heartbreaker, etc.) Regular blue items fall between green and purple in rarity.

Incidentally, it would help if you choose a category within the game before you create a new topic - folks are more likely to see it and respond than if you just post in “Borderlands 2”

Concerning how common it is to find them randomly in the game, the rarity spectrum basically goes like this:

White < Green < Blue < Purple < Magenta (e-tech) < Orange (legendary) < Cyan (pearlescent) < Pink (seraph)

Rarity in those terms doesn’t really apply to uniques, though. Uniques are items with a red text modifier and varied special effects and you can only get them from very specific enemies or as mission rewards (only once per playthrough, if that’s the case). That’s what makes them “unique”. Not all blue items are unique. It’s actually a whole separate weapon category.

So blues are just more uncommon than green ones but the red text identifies that it’s unique? Thanks man that was the best answer I’ve found so far. Everywhere I look it doesn’t really break it down like that but I guess that’s because there’s not as many new guys playing as there are vets haha

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Nothing wrong with asking, ever. Besides, I’m still learning things about BL2 having played the game since launch!

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Pretty much. Not every blue item is unique, it’s just that most unique items are blue. Legendaries, pearlescents and seraph guns can also have the red text and some of them could be considered unique. There’s also a unique purple shield in the game (called Deadly Bloom), but that’s due to an error in the code. It was actually supposed to be a legendary. Borderlands 1 actually had a few green and purple unique items. Basically, if you get an item that’s lower rarity than orange and has a red text modifier, it’s unique.