Gun & Skill Test Tip

I was wondering where to test my Amara skill bonus and weapons…
And nobody answered me…

But later I discored how some other astute players do and there is indeed an easy way.

If you go to the initial Fast Travel station in Pandora > The drought (game starting base) you got there:

  1. a reskill machine
  2. a catch a ride

Just reskill, then spawn a vehicle and test your gun on it! :smiley:
Endless supply of target near reskill machine! :smiley:


also that one mission where you freeze the creatures that claptrap has on the ship. If you don’t shoot them with Cryo they can act like a practce dummy.

yeah but… this is unavailable to completionist like myself… we threw it out of the locks! :open_mouth:

but yeah… that’s one mission worth NOT completing ^^

I’m still puzzled by the lack of a legit test dummy, but this will work in a pinch, thanks! (Does the car work like an enemy? As in, if I throw a Tediore at it or an Atlas tracker, will the shots behave properly?)

The triple set of differently-armored dummies in TPS after how extensively the single dummy in BL2 was used really made me think they were going to dial this in for BL3.

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The Tediore’s turrets won’t attack your car! :wink:
I dunno about bounce… investigating elemental weapon and the mysterious Infusion skill right now…