Gun sound design

It’s SO GOOD. I love how all the guns sound. So much better than the previous games.


i also love the reload animation. so badass feels like i am toying on the enemies.


Wait a positive comment??? What is wrong with you? Nah seriously, could not agree more. The sounds, animations as nat said, just the movement in general, enemy combat animations (like badass psychos)… I love it! Yeah there are some bugs, almost always is at launch. But this game has exceeded my expectations greatly. I’m smiling like crazy the entire time I’m playing it.

Haven’t been on the forums in awhile and all i see is people complaining. Which let’s face it, it’s what people do best now a days. Forum looks like youtube comments or something. It’s sad. Was expecting/hoping to see more comments like this because you are exactly right, the guns sound amazing. Along with many many more improvements i wasn’t expecting to be so good.

Sorry to rant. The kinks will get worked out and people will come around i’m sure. Glad to see people appreciating it like i am though