Gun stats keep switching

I have had multiple guns have their stats just change. At first I thought I was crazy when I was seeing this, and just sold the guns - as the damage was significantly reduced. Now I have found 2 very solid weapons and have been using them for a while, so I have a longer time frame where I have been able to see the stats flip on these guns multiple times. They always seem to flip from the drop stats to some second set of stats, and back again, I have witnessed it on more than a few occasions and it seems to happen upon login - but definitely not every login. I took some screenshots to show you what i mean.

Has anyone else experienced this? As you can see from the screenshots below, the drop version of the first gun has disturbingly good stats when compared to what it alters to. The quest legendary was worse on the drop than what it changes to. I assumed the weapons just got patched or something, but nothing is in the patch notes about any gun changes…and then they kept flipping between these two sets of stats.

Ya I had some wierd stat issues when repeatedly farming MouthPiece the voice gun would say 3.0 reload/repair then i would get a second and it would say 3.0 but the old one was 3.5. Sell the old one keep the new 3.0 and run him again. Now i get a new one on the ground with 3.0 but the one i have is now 3.5 again. This repeats ad nauseum.

Yes. I’m having this with my favorite shotgun.

Okay, so I think I may have found part of the issue. Occasionally when I’m playing the game, I’ll hit escape and the game will ask if I want to quit and update the game - even though I know no update or hotfix has been issued. Today I decided to remain in the game as things were going well, and I did, in fact, have the better stats on my shotgun, so why quit? I played until a mission bugged out, halting all my progression, so I relogged in an attempt to fix it. The mission fixed, but the stats on my guns all switched again. This is the second time I’ve noticed it after leaving during this supposed update and came back.

Doesn’t really help the problem, but I do believe I have figured out when it’s happening.

First of all I just want to say I am so glad I found this forum, I thought I was going insane. Yes I’ve had this issue many times, and it happened on that exact same shotgun you are using. Has anyone found a fix yet???