Gun went from legendary to blue

HI, I mounted legendaries on my wall and one of them has turned into a blue, i also picked up some purples with red writing, is anmyone else getting this?

Usually happens when hotfix isn’t applied. Make sure you’re connected to internet. Go to main menu and wait ~30 sec

Some purples are unique weapons come with red writing, such as LOV3M4CH1N3 smg I found. For the former issue, never happened to me.

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Is it T K Tidal wave?

yeah it is the tidal wave

My Tidal wave goes blue sometimes to

It’s because of the hotfix not being applied. I had this happen to The Companion. It’s legendary but sometimes it would appear as purple rarity. Restart your game and make sure you are connected to the internet and it should get fixed.

Pretty sure these items should be legendary too. It’s gotta be a bug, because uniques are usually given for mission rewards or as guaranteed drops from certain enemies. Not as world drops.