Gun Zer0 Soloing Ancient Dragons of Destruction at OP8.....Ideas?

This fight has me worried.

Zer0 can be…sooooo squishy!

And the Dragons reign crap down on you CONSTANTLY!

Watched a bunch of Vids and many use an in your face style with Kittens and a Rough Rider.

A Rough Rider for Crying Out Loud.!

What the vids DON’T show is the success rate with that kind of approach which I would wager is VERY slim. (Hell the vids ONLY show successes…they never talk about the two weeks and over 100 tries and research and testing that went into that 2 minute video… How do I know this? I currently hold some positions in the time trials on some fights at OP8 as Axton. My Hyperious kill took me three weeks of effort and research and refinement and over 120 tries!)


Building Sniper Stacks with CA seems waaay too difficult with a long pre-setup…

And my Explosive builds won’t get Deception anywhere near quick enough I believe, I’m thinking a Bone and Legendary Hunter with Magic Missiles for slag and Blockade…And trying a DPUH/Kitten in the face approach. Kitten to keep from going down…constant health rebuild.


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I envy MOLF since his skills with sniper zero is amazing. do check his dragon kills with Lyuda.

Will do…Thanks!

Insanely difficult, never done it before. The only raid I haven’t solo’d with him. lol

Like you said, the highlight reels only show the W. Who knows how many attempts it took to get there.

I would only attempt it with a Pimp build honestly. I have no other real suggestions :frowning:

I have averagely consistent results using the Bee-Lyuda and Critical Ascensi0n (without pre-stacking). Maybe 1 successful kill every 7-8 tries (They are really unpredictable). Just ensure that you don’t spec into Velocity as its quite possible to get the sweet-spot of the Lyuda in this fight. Pretty imperative to killing the first 2 dragons quickly (before your CA stacks get high enough). Quite a few videos showing the prime strategy (just go to the time trials thread) but generally:

  • Tag Healianth with your NE Sniper, then as the dragons move, Deception, strafe to the left, and throw a slag grenade to where Healianth will (hopefully) land. Apply Kunai before Deception ends. Get to the sweet spot range and kill Healianth.
  • Bring down Brood. Use the same method to kill him. At this point you should have a decent CA stack count to kill Boost even if your Bee shield is damaged. Hence you can choose to leave some baby dragons alive. Tag Boost. If you have less than 40 ammo, quickly go to the ammo shrine and get ammo. Kill Boost.
  • Incinerator is the most tricky. Tag him and bring him down. Try and score a crit on a green dragon and get more ammo while he does his bullet deflection thingy. This is where the fight gets real tricky. Its more difficult to get to the sweet spot range of Incinerator cos his breath attack is harder to dodge than the other dragons. Also he takes less damage cos no fire to flesh. Hence its quite possible to fail to kill him in one cycle (esp if you missed the baby dragon). If he survives, just bring him down again (try and score a mid-air crit and deception when necessary) but your chances of winning will have dropped drastically.

By no means a fool-proof method. And the above is a perfect behavior scenario. If any of the first 2 dragons display bad behavior, you are probably gonna lose the fight. Good thing is you can just save-quit and retry without losing money or having to expend more Eridium.


Thank You!! I am assuming Legendary Sniper or Chaotic Evil Rogue…correct?

Also…if you got to the last Dragon…why be chancy? Why not just go to a Blockade and take him out leisurely at a safe distance with say a Shock Interfacer. Longer fight but would assure things better at the end and you dont have that constant rain of Elemental attacks and DoT falling on you from the others…and ammo is plentiful.

Studied the Vids from the TT’s…

All same approach and virtually same build and equipment

Throw Shock Bone on Ground for pickup
Three weps: NE Lyuda, Fire Lyuda, Shock Lyuda
Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil
Longbow Slag Transfusion

Bring Healianith down with NE Lyuda then Grenade, Decption/Kunai, then Crits with Fire Lyuda at sweet spot where the bullet has just split to three and has not gone wide (Very Important)

Do same to Brood

Do same to Boost

Pick up Shock Bone and do same to Imcerator but use the Shock Lyuda for Crits.

You may have to make a trip or two to the ammo shrine and try to keep your stacks up with a hit on a mini Dragron from Brood from time to time.

Going to try this…

will let you know.

Those guys were all EXCELLENT with Crits and the sweet spot…me?? Probably not so much…LOL

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What about the Interfacer, John?

Whelp…am out of money…and patience for a while…LOL

Rasafracthit @#$%!

Died 23 times straight.

And the thing is I actually got close a couple of times…

The TT method I’m sure will work…but I think the skill level may be a bit beyond me for any consistent success.

My main difficulty lies in the randomness of the dragon’s patterns and my difficulty in finding a “sweet spot” for the Lyuda.

And I could never really get a good mesh of Slag…Kunai…DM…Sweet Spot at a time when my Bee was actually operable.

And those rare times I did…the damn Dragon would go out of pattern and just fly away early…LOL


Gonna give it a break and go farm some moolah…

Got half a mind to just Flak/Ahab the sh## out of them and call it a day.

But I know…I know…that’s not “sporting”…unless it’s Sal…LOL

Will try it…it’s effective with my commando and he has good ones in both Fire and Shock.

The problem is the Sweet Spot for it and having to kind of stand and deliver so to speak.

Axton can take a beating but puts out less DPS

Zer0 puts out more DPS and his burst DPS is superb

But take a beating? Nope

And those Dragons deal constant crap and their attacks can health gate you in a flash.

But don’t get me wrong…the Command has EXTREME difficulty soloing the Dragons at OP8

It can be done…and I’ve done it…but the success rate is abysmally low.

The funny thing is that add another character to the fight and it’s almost a sure win with a Commando as he can take a beating and keep other more DPS producing folks up.

But him alone…tough…like 1 in 50 tough.

I brough the Interfacer cause I think its going to be better than the Lyuda without CA.
Also, are you using the Blockade? A SoA could be good too.

SoA and Blockade…might be the survivability ticket…will try it!

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83 Attempts…victory on the last one.

I will NEVER do that fight again solo.

Well, never say NEVER…but am sick of it right now.

Used Man of Low Moral Fiber’s method, similar weapons and build… and while he is very skilled…I am NOT…LOL


Got VERY close several times only to be thwarted by Incinerator at the very end so @darreltan2004 was correct…the trickiest one is actually Incinerator. The 83rd Attempt…the one I finally won…I honestly don’t know why to tell you the truth…I made a TON of mistakes but still was able to bumble through. RNG at it’s finest…LOL The Dragon’s just didn’t rain as much sh1t on me this fight and I have no clue why.

I tried virtually EVERYTHING I could think up…Fire Kitten in the face, Blockade and Skin of Ancients…Fire Interfacer…

They all just…suck…because you cannot kill them quick enough and survive. It’s like hitting 'em with spitballs. while a literal RAIN of elemental and DoT attacks are slamming you.

I even tried to eliminate the first three…then take my time, take off the Bee and be safe with Incinerastor with a Skin of Ancients and Blockade…only to find out…at a certain point (after a number of landings) the DoT from the sections of the Arena INCREASES to the point it just blasted through my Blockade and SoA like PAPER…and I was dead…and Incinerator was down to a hair of health. LOL I also had some timer craziness which REALLY ticked me off…all at the VERY worst times…LOL

So many things have to happen right in this fight and with the randomness of the Dragons themselves…this will NEVER be a farmable fight…solo. Bring a Gunzerker or Maya…preferably BOTH LOL

Or…Flakker/Ahab DOES work…I verified it after I did the fight legit. So If you REALLY want to farm the Dragons solo…you will have to do that God awful fight with Gee and get yourself an Ahab.


Damn, so you actually did it? Nice work!!!

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Truth be told…this fight is not as bad as the Commando solo of the Dragons at OP8.

With the Bee…all the sniper bonuses, CA and Zer0’s Burst DPS…you actually have a chance to do it.

Albeit a VERY small chance.

Axton took me 121 tries over several weeks…and I am totally convinced it was PURE luck on that run as well…I nearly went down at least 15 times and DID go down several but was lucky to have a mini dragon to FFYL.

Bahroo does that one with a Sham and Norfleets and he uses the Grog to get the drunk effect on the Norfleets

So he has a lot of gimmicks going to get it done. But even so…a Sham is like paper in that fight.

Make me feel really good about my NVHM solo at level 42 w/ level 35 and lower gear as Axton. IK, OP8=WAY harder, but still.

No…what you did sounds pretty freakin hard to me…LOL