Gunboy FL4K - Three Shot Crit Mayhem 4 Build

Wassup wassup! Wanted to share a FLAK build that I worked on with my buddy Ratore. We’ve been having a lot of fun with the set up and hope you guys are able to enjoy it just as much as we do. It’s able to clear Maliwan Takedown solo, Slaughter Shaft, and do all the other content very well. Capitalizes on a cool handful of guns that aren’t used too often in videos but are highlighted in the Community Flak Weapon Post Top Gear 4 Fl4k the Beastmaster (Community Guide) - WIP6

Quick St4ckbot revision for the build:

Let me know what you guys think and if you have any questions about anything let me know. Hopefully it’s a fun set up for ya’ll as well.


I have so many questions, but I have to watch the video first heh

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Sounds good man, if you need some clarification on anything let me know

Yeah you guys nailed it with this build, I’ve been playing with three shot fade almost every time in the takedown and having a blast. It’s just such a useful action skill, honestly, feels nicer than rakk spam to me. Like I can actually res teammates or get that bit of breathing room when I need

I have a very specific variation I want to try sometime (like so specific I can’t find anyone with the gear for it on my platform…:sob:) where you get a Frozen Heart anointed for nova when exiting fade away. The nova anointment inherits the instant freeze effect so you can just freeze enemies around you on ASE. Idk how it would hold up but it would be fun to try. On theme for your earlier snowfl4k video too

Anyway keep the builds coming, they’re always great


I verbally said “yoooo” when you brought up the Frozen Heart exit fade nova anoint combo. It’s something I’ve mentioned to someone once and never went on a mean search to try and get one. I’ll have to see if I can get one so we both can have some type of visual for it. It in theory should be amazing. Would definitely be perfect for the Snowfl4ke set up.

Three shot fade is super enjoyable and being able to res teammates in peace is something that is very underappreciated. Even if you’re just picking your pet back up in some cases.

Glad you enjoy the builds plenipotence! Thanks for taking the time to check out the stuff

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If only I could find that stagecoach on PS4 lol
Got myself a x18 bangstick dp ase 125% to bosses

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That bangstick is crazy lol. That’s a super nice find. I just now started running into 25x stagecoaches myself. Things are rare

Most I’ve gotten is a x21 stagecoach. Going to keep rerolling crazy earl

Earl’s is definitely one of the best spots. Hopefully you find your 25x soon. I actually got mine while soloing the raid randomly lol. Got super super lucky

Great build!
Had to change few things because of lack of items. It works wonders with a torgue purple bangstick instead of the launcher.
You can even switch to rakk attack for a more spammy anointment activation.

Thanks man! Yea it has a lot of different options. Which is super dope. I’ve enjoyed the versatility and how complete the build has felt

Maybe I’m missing something, but the cooldown looks to be minimal. What do you have equipped that allows you to use Fade Away so quickly?

There’s a little bit of cooldown reduction in the gear itself but a majority of the cooldown is coming from head count. On the last shot of fade away, we are getting the action skill to end and at the same time launching 25+ projectiles at targets. Those 25 bullets are all crits resulting in a ton of cooldown. Since they are crits they also ricochet which is giving more cooldown from the extra bullets being produced and criting. Can give us an infinite loop more often than not

Have you tried running this with Deadeye +5 two f4ng and an Annexed Ion cannon for the 3 shots? Or any other updated after the dlc?

At this point Ion Cannon is going to blow up almost anything regardless of being super specialized or not lol. Ran through raid with cosmic stalker and +5 in two fang and everything was getting 1 shot due to overkill and the base power of the gun. Can two f4ng if you want to do a more launcher exclusive build which is really good in 3 shot fade. Have a stealth bomber set up that uses the lump for aoe clear and now the ion cannon for single target/some aoe.

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Well the game is trying to get me to switch to this, or a similar build. I have found 4 of the new Mod.

Tried it out. Build is decent, but needs min maxed class mod and anointments to really shine. Otherwise, it struggles in slaughter shaft on m4. The difference between x16 stagecoach and x25 is quite big for fade looping and general damage.

As a side note, projectile recursion absolutely destroys enemies with several ase elements and is a good fade away leave gun (but it is pretty broken for anyone, so there’s that).

A question. What’s your opinion on cosmic stalker vs stackbot? Which do you think it’s better? I see stackbot being significantly better since you hit 75 times in ideal cases before leaving fade out (without counting ricocheted projectiles), which totals to 225% damage.

New class mod has some slight issues that need to be addressed. Dot’s reset the class mod. Takes the class mod from being potentially the best crit mod to potentially the worst.


Thanks for trying it out and for the feedback! Were you waiting in fade for your stop gap to recharge in some portions to get you back invulnerability?What are the rolls on your class mod and artifact? Can just use the brainstormer over stagecoach if you’re not finding a whole lot of success with the kinetic shogun. Build has a lot of options

I definitely agree on the recursion lol. I don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to have it in the mix at this level but it’s doing work in the meantime.

Stackbot resets with DoTs so you’re locked into kinetic or cryo damage sources. Takes away some elemental anoints and brainstormer all together. It’s actually not that good right now

Just want to say thanks for the build. It enabled me to solo slaughter shaft on m4 last night for the first time. Previously never made it past round 2 of m3.

I haven’t managed to find a kinetic shotgun like yours (my best is ×12 with annoint). So I used the brainstormer as main and the Maggie if I ran low on shotgun ammo. Worked a treat, very much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Congrats man! That’s all you lol. Brainstormer alternative is definitely the way to go. I just now started finding 25x rolls. My first one was anointed and actually from the raid. Glad the build was able to help out