Gunboy FL4K - Three Shot Crit Mayhem 4 Build

At least according to apocalyptech’s database it can spawn with all the right parts to be an x25. Incidentally, the Wave, Heatwave, Shockwave, and Tidal Wave all share the same balance, and that it was originally a Unique weapon.

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Thanks! This clear things up!

Decent Garcia is already banked, waiting for my wild west Fl4k (I know I know, not very original) so I’ll go with this one for know. One day I may get something better! Or we’ll have to rework whole loadout after new DLC and Mayhem 2.0 hits

Welcome to Te4m Fl4k!
To your question: a Tidal Wave will not serve you very well outside few occasions. Check @Ratore 's video:

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Mayhem 10 doesn’t seem to be too kind to Stagecoaches and Scatterguns. Hard to get consistent one-or-two shots. Ended up running with a Skullmasher, One-Shotter Shield, and Shock/Corrosive ASE anoints on the shield and grenade to deal competent damage without resorting to something like a Yellowcake. Also had some good fun with a Plaguebearer for a bit of Stealth Bomber action for crowd clearing. Can only assume Overkill was involved, but a child rocket from the 300% rad Plaguebearer I was using somehow wiped all of Captain Traunt’s shield and 80% of his health.

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I am growing more and more frustrated even looking for the rare x21 and the unicorn x25 (which I have NEVER seen) Stagecoach. I am using a Deadeye COM with Jakobs critical and Jakobs reload. I know the Jakobs shottys don’t benefit from Two Fang, but the burst damage is still huge with that setup. I would argue that a good Hellwalker serves you as a very good replacement for the Stagecoach. At least the parts are always good on the Hellwalker. LOL

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Me neither … highest was a x16 but at least 100 ASE.
I love the Hellwalker conceptually. And Amara can make it work quite handsomely. But on Fl4k I feel its lobsided fire only version …
I haven’t paired it with a deadeye like yours to see if it can brute force it with those bonuses

You should. It works better than you would think. And with multiple elements, the fire on armor or shields aspect of it does not detract from the Hellwalker as much as you would think either. You would still rather have a x21 or x25 Stagecoach any day, but the Hellwalker holds its own. I like it much better than the Garcia (which I hear mentioned a lot as a Stagecoach replacement), which is a weapon I have never really liked.

I will then. Just yesterday I got a nice Desdeye and another Hellwalker. Always loved this gun, aesthetically, feeling, sounds. if there‘s a way to make it work (Rad ASEs or ASA?), I will be thankful.

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The combo I was using yesterday that did pretty well was shield and grenade ASEs for maximum pellet “dispersal” (LOL) and a 300% anointed version. I know the Deadeye and 300% are supposed to be additive to one another, but the 300% one was just the one I got to drop at M10. It suffers against enemies with big health bars (think Goliaths and bosses), but for general mobbing it works fine.

The thing is I really, really hate switching gear for mobbing vs bossing. Makes me wanna quit the game, disconnects me from the flow of the game.
For bosses I use BH and keep it on for mobbing ever since. Triggering skills with a Hunter Seeker.
Can Deadeye boss reliably?

Hey @tysonyar, I finally got a 300v2 Hellwalker to drop. Admittedly, I did not run a Deadeye but a frontloader/red fang/pearl setup for that 150% rad anoint but even as an opener I could not get it to really dent the enemies.
Maybe a 150% rad anointed would crank it up a notch as the anointment counts a bonus elemental damage and creates extra projectiles. And it could deal better with shilded flesh foes.

Hmmm, I was using it on a M10 run of Joey UV’s planet, and used it as a primary weapon (in addition to a Maggie and a Clairvoyance) and it was doing work for me. It definitely is not doing as much work as it used to, but still did fine for me.

I sent you a Hellwalker, let me know how it works

Maybe it need a Deadeye then? The red fang doesn‘t offer any direct dmg (Frenzy stacking is easy though) so it could be higher in the dmg department …

Did you send a 150% rad anointed Hellwalker to me? If so, awesome, man!
It will test it asap and get back here!

Sorry I sent a Hellwalker to @tysonyar with the 500 nova crits

But one with 150 radiation would be pretty nice. If I see one I will send it your way!

Thanks man! Been hunting for it for the last few days … to no avail.
If you don’t need it yourself, I’d gladly take it. :wink:

Thanks. Have not been on much the past few days. I guess I have been feeling the need for a little break. I am still playing BL when I exercise on my treadmill though, so I am still getting at least an hour a day in most cases. But I definitely am needing a little break otherwise.

Will let you know what I think about the Hellwalker! Thanks @vCarpeDiemv!

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Hey @derwitte if you are still interested in a good Hellwalker to try, I have like 4 or 5 good ones now - one with 100% weapon damage, ones with shock, radiation, and fire ASEs, and I think maybe even one with the 50/150 radiation anoint.

If you’re still looking for them I will mail a couple to you.

EDIT: I am still disappointed that there is basically nowhere in-game to get a M10 Stagecoach to drop other than just randomly. At least we used to have the Gungun to farm purples. Now you can’t even farm the Gungun or chests. The hotfix or patch to change mission rewards and chest drops literally cannot come soon enough.

I have a great M8 x21 Stagecoach 300>90

Shame its M8 tho…

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