Gunlust Rampage
Add Legendary Gunzerker or Legendary Hoarder
Might need a Moxi weapon.

Is there a question to go along with your build, or are you in need of advice?

Let us know, and we’ll see what we can do! Knowing your choice of gear will be very helpful, so let us know. Some of the choices you made in your build raises a few questions. So, let us know how you intend to play it.

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Needs some work.



Just a question- did someone tell you that the Brawn tree was useless in UVHM?

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+5 Lay Waste +5 Last Longer +5 Yippee Ki Yay +5 All in the Reflexes +5 Incite or +5 Lay Waste +5 5 Shots or 6 +5 Filled to the Brim +5 Locked and Loaded +5 Incite also it’s used for the normal difficulty.


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That’s the build according to the first part of your sentence
That’s the build based on the second part of your sentence- I had to guess as to which skills you wanted in order to reach the skills you wanted at max. Again, what’s the plan for your build? Mobbing? Raid bosses? Digistruct Peak? It would seem like you’re going for a Hoarder build, which suits some weapons more than others. Also, seems like you’re ready for at least TVHM rather than normal :slight_smile:…

That seems better but I am getting Borderlands Triple Pack but if I became level 72 it will be

This is really all over the place, you really should consider your gear when making these choices, because right now, I can’t thing of a reason that justifies some of these choices.

For example, 2/5 money shot is useless. Either get 5/5 and lean on it, or skip it entirely
Another thing: unless you have a specific reason not to (using a Deputy setup for example) you really should ALWAYS ALWAYS put 5 points into Inconceivable… ALWAYS… It’s one of his best skills

And Get Some is HIS BEST skill, don’t skip it (or put only a single point in it)


So basically you haven’te reached level 72 yet then, correct? It would seem that you’re making builds off of what you either like or what you think sounds good- in either case it seems that you don’t have the actual experience to lean on to make a level 72 build. A good build is more than putting 5 points into a skill and then boosting it with a com- you have to determine what it is you want to do with it first. If you don’t think about what it is you want to actually do once you reach level 72 I doubt that you’ll actually make it there as you might become frustrated with your lack of success. If you want to just do mobbing runs thru the base game and some of the dlc it might require different gear and build than what you would plan to use soloing raid bosses or attempting Digistruct Peak.

First things first-
1- Decide what you want your build to do- mobbing, raid bosses, the Peak or a mix of all three

2- Are the skills I selected for the build really the best to get the job done? You have an excellent resource here presented as all the builds, posts, theorems, calculations and breakdowns of Salvador’s skills, his best weapons for a given situation and how his skills synergize with each other and his gear. Use it for research and then decide if the build you’re working on is the direction you want to go- it will save you a lot of heartache later

3- Gear drives your build- some weapons work great in a Hoarder build but Hoarder builds really don’t rely on Money Shot so there’s no reason to take that skill, great though it may be. If you favor Jakobs shotguns you would want Steady As She Goes- however, that skill interferes with the mechanics of Hyperion weapons so if you plan on making a Hyperion Allegiance build you most likely stay away from that.

In short- think your way to the end of your build after you finish TVHM- UVHM is a tough ride once you hit the mid 50’s-60’s levels- having a better idea of where you want to be will make it easier to get there…


@DeputyChuck @Carlton_Slayer @Jefe I think the only purpose with any of his “builds” is attention