Gunner Axton Build

So the other day i playing around with Axton and i found a purple Gunner com and noticed that it boosted steady, metal storm and overload and i thought to myself: “Can i make a op8 viable build around a gunner com?” and it turn out i can.

This build focuses around torgue weaponry for two reasons: Torgue guns usually have slow fire rate so they benefit from both the passive fire rate bonus and metal storm (wich is think is an awsome skill) and they have splash wich gets boosted by steady.

Spec and explanation:

Ready: In addition to firing slowly torgue weapons usually also have high reload times so this benefits them.
Willing: I mostly use a blockade shield for survivability and this skill allows me to get one with high-issh capacity and low-ish rate and delay.
Scorched Earth: little extra dps, also rockets look cool.
Sentry: Extra turrent duration means the turrent stays longer during battles and if u recall it u get more cooldown
Onslaught: Extra gun damage is always nice and increased movement spped for getting an enemy into my weapons range or for running away is always helpfull
Grenadier: I use slag transfusions for slagging and getting health back so 4 extra grenades are a huge help.
Double up: Turrents now slag, always usefull.

Impact: More damage, also, i don’t really switch weapons all that often and when i do i’m usually not in a hurry so weapon swap speed is fine.
Metal Storm: Huge DPS increase, this turns the DP Harold into a bullet spewing machine, also the recoil reduction helps keep a mid-range weapon on target better.
Longbow Turrent: More health for the turrent, also alows for better placement.
Steady: More damage for the weapons i use, more damage for the slag transfusions(i actually killed a smg marauder with two of these) also gives me more options to deal with bosses(baby maker, fastball, fire bee, etc).
Batlefront: more damage when turrent is out.
Do or die: the abulity to slag an enemy when in ffyl without switching weapons is awsome.

Preparation: Health regen between fights.
Pressure: i didn’t really wanted healthy and this is better than last ditch effort.
Quick Charge: Helps to fight DoT’s and i really like this skill.
Phalanx shield: It only lasts about 4-5 seconds depending on enemy fire power but if u throw your turrent between u and enemies those 4-5 seconds can be the diference between u goin’ down and some transfusion trails coming back to you so…
Mag-Lock: Placing a turrent on a wall or ceiling protects it from melee enemies witch would otherwise take it down in a few seconds(like rabids or armored psyckos)
Resourcefull: I know that 3 points don’t do much(i think it’s something like 6 seconds) but with the gear that i use i have no cooldown and sometimes those 6 seconds can make a difference between an enemy coming around a corner and killing you bc you are below health gate, or u getting your turrent out and relieving aggro.

The gear:

Ogre: It’s a Torgue explosive rifle, i have it with the bullet speed prefix so this along with the swordsplosion fill my mid to long range needs;
DP Harold: On other characters i usually go with either Hard or Intense harold bc the DP version fires so slowly, but with the gunner com and metal storm this will fire really fast(u can unload a clip on an enemy in 3-4 seconds when metal storm is active), also it’s the harold… do i need to say anything else?
Slag Pimpernel: My slagging tool.
Casual Swordsplosion: I did try out the Carnage but that was coming out just a bit too short, enemies with be with just a slim of health after i unloaded a clip on them, maybe i’m not using it right, i don’t know, so i switched to the showdsplosion, also it has the potential to do more damage bc if enemies are grouped up the child grenades will hurt them.

Backpack: Fire corrosive and shock baby makers: Oney resists explosive so i needed something to deal with him, also this is a quicker way to kill a boss.

Shields: Blockade(Anshin, Bandit, Bandit): this is an awsome shield and i wanna thank Derch for showing me how usefull it is. Since the damage reduction is not part dependent i don’t have to go with maliwan/hyperion parts to get really good special abilities and the combination of Anshin and Bandit gives this a good capacity, good-enough recharge rate that gets boosted by willing and and 5.04 recharge delay that, again gets mitigated by willing and the relief agrro abilities from the turrent.
Sham: The blockade is awsome but some maps are really, really bullet heavy, and on those maps the sham beats it, at least for me and specially when i fing myslef fighting smg marauders or rats that just won’t stand still.

Grenade mods: Longbow slag transfusion: this is both a slagging tool and a survival tool, it slags enemies and if you’re caught low on health u can throw one of these and run for cover.

Shock, Incendiary and Corrosive Fast ball: shock fast ball is really usefull against stalkers, fire and corrosive are there bc 11/5 steady gives 55% grenade damage and if u combine that with a bone… it’s a lot of damage.

Fire bee: this is here for the times when you are going up agains a flesh boss that has minions with him: throw 2-3 of these, get your kill skills goin’, spam your harold and win.

Class mod: Auto Gunner with +6 Steady and +5 Matel Storm: It’s the essence of the build.

Relics: Explosive relic: +39% explosive damage, and i think it’s multiplicative? yes thank you.This is my main relic, i will have it 99% of the time.
Incendiary, Shock and Corrosive Bone of the Ancients: For when i use the Baby makers or the fire bee or the fast balls.

Is this build op8 viable?
For me it is: when i think of a build and test it to see if it’s viable or not i run it trough 4 maps:
Sothpaw Steam and Power, bc i like that map and it does have 4 bosses and also good enemy variety, between shooting enemies, melee anemies and backpedeling enemies.
Lynchwood: Because again i like that map and it can get overwhelming if not played carefully and also because it’s an ammo desert.
Wildlife Exploitation Preserve: To test it against animals and robots mostly.
Sawtooth Cauldron: Because in my opinion it’s the hardest map in the base game, u have buzzards, heavy nomads, goliath blasters, gravediggers, basicly it’s a “fuster cluck” and well… a build is as good as it performs in the hardest map of the game, i do this with all the buld i come up with. If i can’t run it trough Sawtooth Cauldron , be at level 72 or op8 i won’t use it.
One final note: If you’re trrigger happy, like me, this is a very ammo hungry build, that being said, i never ran out of ammo running those 4 maps but there were some situations where i found myself low so i had to switch to a diferent gun(on Lynchwood i kept switching betwwen the ogre and swordsplosion for mid range and i even backed out a bit to use the swordsplosion instead of the harold)

Fell free to post sugestions, or what u think of the build or even crtics, as long as they are constructive.

I think the build is viable except for the fact that you find yourself needing your turret MORE in OP8 than any other level…at least I do.

Try this instead…shift the points from Able to Sentry (trust me…you won’t miss them.)

One less grenade which you also won’t miss

And Spec Phalanx because it does shield you a few seconds before collapsing.

But all this movement allows 4 points in Resourceful which helps get that turret back which you are going to find you need a LOT at the Peak, Arenas, Heavy mobbing.

I don’t use mag lock often as it defeats the turrets major advantage of blocking/channeling/distraction

Ok i’ll try that and update as necessary

Fun fact: the “team” that the Gunner COM’s fire rate boost refers to includes your turret, so @johnrr6’s advice about keeping your turret out more will take advantage of your COM as well.

Someday I want to get four Gunner Commandos and see what the turrets do :smile:

Four Commandos with Gunner Coms, Double Up/Gemini…


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If only my friends still played lol we would so do this and try and kill terra

140% constant FR boost If I’m not mistaken…at OP8

Don’t know if the game could even handle 140% Constant FR boost (and that’s not even counting the Metal Storm boosts or BAR boosts) for four people with Explosive weapons.

computer meltdown…

OK…I’m down for this on the PC…

Anyone else??

Haha I broke my ps3 with 4 player sal double your fun storm front spam once but that’s off topic sorry.

Ok so thanks for your sugestions and… you’re right i don’t notice the lack of health regen from able and i don’t notice one less grenade so i putted 5 points into sentry and i do notice 10 extra seconds on the turrent, so thanks for that.
Regarding phalanx shield, again you were right, even though it only lasts for a few seconds after deployment, it’s still usefull, Mag Lock though… i kept because i really like attaching my turrent to walls and ceiling and if you put it on a ceiling for example it has a really good vantage point and is able to shoot at most enemies where if it were on the ground it wouldn’t.
Again thanks for the advice

actually i have 32% on my op8 com, even though it’s a blue one, but again a purple one… personally, with this build and gear, i don’t think it’s worth loosing one point into steady just to get a bigger mag size one the ogre, wich already has 81 in the mag and doesn’t reload that slowly, so 4 gunners would have 128% constant fire rate and even bigger on kill.

Add another 120% from a 10/5 Metal Strom with a kill and your FR would jump to 248%

Can you even imagine!

I ALWAYS want a bigger mag size if I can get it on the cheap. Overall DPS improves because you have simply less down time from reloading.

You are better off spending the point in Overload IMHO… as long as you are planning to use an Ogre or other AR. The Hail will benefit tremendously as well because you sometimes use half a Mag just to get the arc on target.

Especially at that FR…because you will go through your mags quickly


Ok so i just had a crazy idea. Imagine 4 Auto Gunner Axtons(+6 Steady +5 metal storm, you’ll understand why in a second) running the DP Harold as the main weapon and a sheriff’s badge as a relic… Let’s do some math, shall we?

OP8 DP Harold with Torgue grip has 1.6 fire rate
OP8 Blue Auto Gunner com with max upgrade has 32% team fire rate
OP8 Sheriff’s Badge with max upgrade has 56% pistol fire rate increase
10/5 Metal Storm gives 120% fire rate increase.

1.6*(1+32%+32%+32%+32%+56%) = 4.54 ----> That’s passive for each player, for a harold that’s a awsome fire rate.

On Kill:
1.6*(1+32%+32%+32%+32%+56%+120%) = 6.46

It may not seem that high but 6.46 fire rate, on a weapon with the power of the Harold, it’s a lot, u basicly quadruple your base fire rate on kill, and that’s not even counting BAR, so yeah…

Is there 3 people that are interested in doing this?

I am on PC…

Am interested…

I’m down (also on PC). Note that while my characters are OP8, my weaponry is pretty much all OP3; if you want to use this in combat at, say, OP8, I’ll need to go shopping at the Downtown Badass Crater Mall for some new gear.

My steam is johnrr6 and Ad…you are already a friend so bread…what is your steam and i will send you a friend request. I can probably get Abvex or Derch to join us to try this.

Edit: Bread, I got your friend request and we are now linked.

3 out of 4…

Afro…You would be great!!

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@Adabiviak @johnrr6 Let me know if you need another gunner.

@johnrr6 and @Adabiviak my name on steam is BreadAss and i’ve sent friend requests to both of u :smiley:
@Adabiviak it’s refreshing to find someone who doesn’t gib their gear. If u want i can drop u the full gear-set.
I was thinking of running a few maps with this, maps that we all find enjoyable, like lynchwood, southpaw, wildlife, and if u want a chalenge there’s always sawtooth cauldron. This would mainly be to kind of demonstrate how much fire rate a dp Harold can get but i would recomend bringing all the gear that i described as only the harold would probably burn through ammo really fast and if we want run through southpaw we something to kill Oney

I have a Blue Auto gunner and a Purple Auto gunner…
ab can use either but you have to give me a minute or two to find which mule they are on.

I have waaaaay too much stuff.

With Afro…that would be 4

If y’all really do this would someone please post the video of it here.

I will have ShadowPlay running so…yepper.