Gunner Class specific items not dropping in latest DLC

I have been farming the Ruiner and Dr whatshisname from DLC 3&4, so I can get moze’s new head and skin. I’ve farmed them both for hours and now have the heads and skins for every other class besides the gunner. I also see a lot of the class mods for the other characters but have yet to see a flare. Am I just getting weirdly unlucky?

I think the class mod only drops from Evil Mordecai.

I can commiserate on getting the heads and skins to drop. Took me dozens of runs of the Ruiner to get the skin and Moze head. I have the Moze head from the new DLC, but not the skin.

You can get the new class mods from that Pat MK II quest. I forgot the name of that boss. I think it’s the Golden Egg quest. After finishing that quest, you can keep farming the mini boss.

Farming the spongebob parody character is the easiest way to get all of the cosmetic items for DLC 4.

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I was able to get a flare yesterday. Cosmetics in general are a pain to farm. Sounds like bad rng to me.

Only if you’re farming for them^^
If not it’s a pain that they drop, dlc4 endboss drops most of the time 2-4 skins/heads to me. And 99% one of them is the same legendary skin…


I feel like evil Lilith is an easy farm and drops a variety of stuff, got a mod from her in the past dunno bout the heads and skins etc…