Gunner Community Issue Compendium

Running ASA 200% weapon and Harmonius Havoc with Moze is really a big pain in the a$$ once she goes FFYL.

It feels like I’m micromanaging more to ensure those are up than shooting enemies.

Or even if I don’t go FFYL, I have to keep looking at my status bar icons to make sure I didn’t lose HH.

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Initially I thought the issue is just on 200% ASA but it looks like While Iron Cub is Active, gain 100% weapon damage is BUSTED too. If you switch weapons on both anoints, you lose the bonus!

I tested this in the Sanctuary dummy.

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This has been fixed with today’s hotfix.

Really now? Got a source for that? If not I’ll test it myself tomorrow, but a source would be appreciated.

No source but i have this:

MG base damage on m11: 104k
104k x (1+0.39)= 144.56k


Right then, will give it a test myself tomorrow and also test some of the Bear damage skills that weren’t working previously for Cub.