Gunner Community Issue Compendium

I have a thread a while back. It’s mostly suggestions to offer Moze some more survivability without going balls deep(20+ pts) in Demo. “Unbearable Rage” is a bit if an imaginative send off but I left it because Moze needs some wow factor imo. Here’s the long and the short:

*Shield of Retribution:

-Security Bear(1/1) In addition to the shield, Iron Bear now gains an aura that grants nearby players +0.5% Health Regen per second and +15% Shield Recharge Delay. *This skill functions with Auto Bear.

-Force Feedback(1/1) When Moze scores a Critical Kill she now gains +33% Shield Recharge and +21% Shield Recharge Delay for 5 seconds. Additionally, when Moze scores a Critical Kill, 25% of her bonus Fire Damage becomes additional Shock Damage for 5 seconds.

*Bottomless Mags:

-Redistribution(1/1) On critical hit Moze additionaly now has a chance to regen 3.0% of her Maximum Health over 3 seconds. *Does not function while in Iron Bear. *Does not stack.

-Rushin’ Offensive(1/1) Zane now also gains the ability to shoot while sprinting. Derp!

-Click, Click…(3/3) Moze now gains gun damage per point, equal to twice the number of rounds her current weapon fires per second(or twice the size of her magazine? Or something?)

-Forged(1/1) Forge now additionally provides 5% Missing Health per second.

*Demolition Woman:

-Stainless Steel Bear(5/5/) Now additionaly grants Moze 1% Damage Reduction per point. Max 5% Damage Reduction at 5/5(could alternatively be moved to Matching Set)

-Auto Bear (1/1) Auto Bear can now optionally be deployed at targeted location by briefly holding AS button down.

-Unbearable Rage(1/1) Tier 5 New Skill) Requires Autobear as prerequisite: Iron Bear can now be deployed via airdrop at targeted location within medium range by briefly holding the AS button down. Iron Bear plummets to the ground like a missile in a spectacular Nuclear Storm that does crappy Rad, minor Fire and some tickling Shock damage but looks pretty cool. After the Autobear timer is up, Iron Bear goes on a +60 second cooldown

I really like this point, it would open up an entirely new play style with Moze and they could tie it just to the auto bear perk

Proposition: Change Tenacious Defense to: “You cannot take health damage while your shield is active.” Have this effect also make it so the same damage which breaks your shield doesn’t hit your health. That way Stop Gaps and Rechargers can work with Deathless builds.

Proposition: Make the splash 100% but with a much lower damage bonus.

Proposition: Swap the skills of Mind Sweeper and Blaster Master COMs. Please, seriously, the Mind Sweeper would be WAY better with PtHP and Vamp. And Blaster Master would love bonus points in FitSD.

Also, another problem: All of Moze’s ammo regen skills are reduced when using Launchers. This should either be removed, or stated explicitly in the skills.
Also also, for Means of Destruction: Returns should be guaranteed, with a cooldown based upon the number of points spent on the skill.

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Nitpicky of me but Blast Master and Fitsd do nothing for each other. Fitsd damage has never been boosted by splash. It’s based only on ‘Gun Damage Boosts’ and fire elemental multipliers.

I didn’t know that!

I’m not sure if it’s a new change or if my previous testing was faulty, but I discovered yesterday that none of Moze’s fire skills receive damage boosts from splash, even if the triggering bullet is buffed by splash.

I was under the impression that Fire In the Skag Den dealt a percentage of any splash damage dealt as bonus incendiary damage.
Is that not how it’s programed?
Does Stoke the Embers not stack with that?
Does dealing more splash damage with a Blast Master COM not increase the incendiary damage?

That all seems really weird and counter-intuitive

FitSD Damage = [ Normal Hit x FitSD % ] x Fire Damage Multiplier x C-C-Combo

Normal hit is the guns card damage times by what people commonly refer to as additive damage, so this is all the SOR gun damage skills, click click and a few gear bonuses.

FitSD % is just the skills percentage bonus damage.

Fire Damage Multiplier is whatever the fires normal buff is verse the hp type, this is then multiplied by [ 1 + Incendiary bonuses ]. Incendiary bonuses include Stoke the embers, elemental projectors and the like.

Stoke the embers at 3/3 will make FitSD deal 30% more damage.

Nope, splash damage multipliers don’t do anything for FitSD.

The following is all 5/5 FitSD with an ogre that deals 654 damage. My guardian rank gun damage is 14.66% and C-C-Combo is active on 1 stack for 2%. I’m going to put normal hit in [ and ] to make it easier to track, as GR isn’t part of normal hit. For some reason C-C-Combo seems to factor in, I’m still lost on this but including C-C-Combo is consistent with all my calculations.

Gun Damage = [ 654 ] x 1.1466 x 1.02 = 764.87
FitSD Damage = 654 x 0.15 x 1.75 x 1.02 = 175.1085

I now add 5/5 Armored Infantry and a dud shield so I now have 15% gun damage active.

Gun Damage = [ 654 x 1.15 ] x 1.1466 x 1.02 = 879.61
FitSD Damage = 654 x 0.15 x 1.75 x 1.02 = 201.37


I then add a Blast Master that has 31% Assault Rifle Damage, and wait the for the bonus splash to max out.

Gun Damage = [ 654 x 1.15 ] x 1.31 x 2 x 1.1466 x 1.02 = 2304.57
FitSD Damage = 654 x 0.15 x 1.75 x 1.02 = 201.37


Wow, that is incredibly disappointing.
FitSD says it does incendiary based off of Splash.
Splash goes up, but incendiary doesn’t?
Seems like a bug?

The description on the skill is misleading, but technically it isn’t outright wrong.

It doesn’t explicitly say it does bonus fire damage based on splash damage, only that it does bonus fire damage when you do splash damage.

You’d think it would say 15% fire damage based on gun damage though.

But it also proc’s off of grenades too though.

That’s true. Maybe why they left out saying gun damage.

Id need to test it but I assume the bonus fire damage only affects the enemy directly hit by the grenade, and not enemies caught in the splash.

Either way I would say this is a prime example of Moze skills having a lot of muddy interactions behind the scenes.
Which unfortunately seems to be a systemic problem she faces.

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I don’t even know if grenades direct hits are also splash.

Grenades can be weird. It’s too bad FitSD doesn’t get boosted by splash.

But it really should (if the skill followed the letter of it’s description)

Also, another example of #justMozeThings , the AOE aura damage from Lump Launchers (i.e. before the projectile explodes) can proc Means of Destruction and FitSD.

I’ve noticed that the Shrieking Devil Nova blasts also trigger FitSD

Moved the Moze-specific incendiary damage anointments to a new “Resolved” category in light of today’s buffs.

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