Guns and Loot not what I expected

Just wanted to toss out my two cents having played through the game already. On my first playthrough I received somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 legendary quality items. (this is a conservative guess, it might be higher) This is seemingly an increase from the past games, which I have no issue with, however, even with so many more dropping, were they actually useful?

The answer 90% of the time is no. Almost every legendary I came across was a bit of a let down. There was no real perk to using it, and I could handle enemies better with a basic torgue shotgun. Out of the 25+ items I found during my first playthrough, 2 - 3 of them were useful, one of them being ridiculously OP. (On a subsequent playthrough I did nab one other useful returning legendary as well)

TL;DR - Guns probably need a balance pass, the legendaries are incredibly underwhelming for the most part, and that’s the whole reason I play this game, trying to find that crazy good loot. At any rate, hope this constructive criticism finds the ears of someone willing to listen. Thanks.

I dont mean to be mean but i feel like its your play style. The thing about this game thats beautiful is it has everything for different playstyles. I have also beaten this games, got to lvl 50 and farmed on mayhem mode and as you did, I found a plethera of legendaries and most where not useful. But it might just be play style preferences.

You’re probably partially right, but there are many guns I received with the same power ratings that in no circumstance could output even 1/10th of the damage of say a blue Torgue shotgun, and had no real gimmick/advantage to using it.

You’re right I have a playstyle preference, but that’s not the whole story.

I’m not gonna say your grong or right, but you have to figure out how this red text guns work. You may not be using them the way they are intended. But like I said, I agree that not all legendary guns are actually too.