Guns borderlands 1 vs bl2

I just wanted to have a discussion on what the two games did differently or better where guns are concerned (not to be confused with drops and the loot system)

Am I crazy or did shotguns feel feel much more accurate in borderlands 1. Was this because of the weapon specific mastery (or whatever that was called) vs badass ranks?

Fire rates. In bl2 the highest fire rites I normally see seem to be around 11-12 rps but in bl1 i think I remember it being getting to 21 or 22 rps. Any ideas as to why they made this change?

I liked how sniper zoom was improved in bl2

I thought that each weapon class was more distinct from the others in bl2 (combat rifles vs SMGs vs repeaters for example)

What do people think of the manufacturer traits added in bl2?