Guns damage changing everyday

Hi there I was wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this bug, if it’s even a bug.

My buddy and I have been playing the past week and damage for guns has changed every single day we turn on the game. We are positive this is happening it isnt just speculation. His mind killer was doing 100x9 then yesterday it was 178x9 and them back to 100x9 today. We have been playing with just the 2 of us nobody else.

Thanks for your time

Hotfixes are probably the cause. They are balancing things in game.

This is the difference between hotfix applied and not applied. Also the game still for w/e reason upon booting/restarting will occasionally put you into offline mode so thus the hotfix despite you even still being technically online won’t be applied properly. It’s very odd and will continue to happen until GBX actually hard updates the game with these hotfixes in them.

Weird things do happen. I had a shotgun that did roughly 2k or so incendiary dot damage. Suddenly the gun would do 18k dot damage. Later it was back to 2k again. This was on the tooltip of the item and so it wasn’t due to Mayhem modifiers.

I read a thread here like a week ago where someone also had experienced a weapon changing damage.