Guns failing to reload

Posting this again, as a new topic because I’ve seen zero response of any sort, and it’s becoming an increasingly frequent problem.

Originally it was The Baby Maker ++. Then I had problems with Ruby’s Wrath. Then it was another gun, and another. Just in the last two hours, I’ve had failure to reload on three different pistols and an SMG running campaign and in Slaughterstar 3000. It seems more frequent when I am not hosting a match but it also happens solo, playing alone, and has caused me deaths even in FFYL mode. It’s happened on every character now. This is not an out of ammo situation. This is not a single character problem. This is not a single weapon or even a single class of weapon. This is not a failure to load due to objects being too close when pressing X (which should never happen but also is an issue). Cycling the weapon does not always resolve the situation. Sometimes they have to be completely unequipped before they will reload and that is not always a viable option without incurring death as a result. Sometimes, jamming X repeatedly will get it to finally reload, and sometimes it doesn’t. I can’t cause it to happen on demand, but it is happening a lot more frequently (as of today). It started around the second week of the Bloody Harvest and hasn’t stopped.

As a “Looter Shooter,” a weapon failing to load is a major issue. You cannot shoot if a weapon will not reload, and subsequently, there will be no loot.

I would post a video of it but the “trim” function on Xbox is crap, has been crap since day one. I have (and others too) reported it to Microsoft for years (it’s still an issue) and it is preventing me from making a manageable file size that would be appropriate to post. But that is another ticket on another site for a different company to deal with, which brings us to -

Secondarily, someone at Gearbox should put a bug in Microsoft’s ear and tell them they need to integrate bug reporting directly from within the game. This would make it so bug reports would originate right from inside the game environment. Gamertag, email associated with the account, screenshots, video, even system version, file dumps, etc could all be “auto included” with the bug reports streamlining the process for gamers and providing much better and much more in-depth information to game companies. It would be a massive quality of life improvement for gamers and there’s little ability for me to state how much of a boon this would be to Gearbox and other gaming companies.

As a note, trying to report this, the effort and time I’ve spent to post this and the subsequent failure trying to get the video I captured even uploaded anyplace world viewable has taken me out of the game for well over an hour. If there was an effective bug reporting method like what I outline above it would take at most minutes and generate potentially actionable information for all parties involved. This lengthy post would not be here and I would probably be a lot more frustration-free and maybe, enjoying the game instead of typing out enough words to nearly qualify as a small article.

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There have been some “likes” other places I’ve reported this, but as of yet I’ve not seen anyone else contribute their voice and comments to the issue. So if you too are experiencing this, please leave a comment. (Detailed examples, screenshots and video links are always helpful if you have them, and the time and resources to contribute.)

If however you are fortunate and NOT experiencing this, a post telling us all it’s never happened to you and I should lay off the (insert street drug reference here), it will not actually help those of us who have. But I thank you in advance for your desire to participate!

Do you think it might have something to do with specific skills? There was that one Salvador skill that would cause certain pistols to not reload properly. There appear to be several similar skills in this game, so potentially it’s the same issue?

I wish I knew. I can’t force it to happen, so I can’t recreate it on demand. The first time I had it happen was on Fl4k during Bloody harvest. It was only happening with a Baby Maker I was (trying to) use, and at that time it was only that gun. He was a “crit” build. The next time it happened was on Moze and it was the Baby Maker sometimes refusing to reload, and then a really serious refusal to load with the Ruby’s Wrath. That jam happened in Slaughter Shaft and I was forced to unequip the launcher. Nothing would get it to reload until it was unslotted. There was another rifle that I had do a similar though less serious refusal to reload with her but I can’t remember what it was. She was a very hybrid grenadier build. My Zane has had a few happen, though not too many. Today in the space of around two hours it’s Amara and three different pistols - Hellshock, Venomous Hornet, and Shocking Triple A all refused to load but did after cycling them. I also had a Binary Cutsman refuse to load. The Hellshock was in Jacob’s Estate and I was playing solo. The other two pistols and the SMG were in Slaughterstar 3000 in someone else’s hosted match.

There’s not a skill I know of any of them share unless it is in the Guardian Ranks, and not a single one even use the same equipment except for grenades, and even then they pretty much use different ones.

I really wish I had some type of idea what is causing it, or how to fix it, but I’m stumped. Likely due to not understanding the underlying mechanics of the game. I believe you know all of the games pretty well @VaultHunter101, is there anything that comes to mind?

I thought so when it happened to my Moze a lot. But I’ve had it happen at least once with each vault hunter. It’s the kind of annoying thing I blame on myself doing too much, but there’s literally no reason it should have happened to my Hellwalker. That’s literally a fire and reload. That one really messed me up.

Especially because the reload key is one I have to hit on purpose because I put it two keys away from the rest.

I know a lot is going on all the time, but it’s a really weird one that can really mess you up because you don’t always know what’s going on

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In the latest patch notes, I posted about it, but this was before the “rash” of failures to reload I had hours ago. I think three or more people “liked” it, and I thought it might be because they too had issues. But who knows, they might just really like my posts, so eloquent they are.

Thank you @sammantixbb for adding your experience to the topic! I hope that it’s something Gearbox can resolve for us. :slight_smile:

(My father jackknifed a tractor-trailer earlier, andI’ve lost hours trying to post about this and my forward momentum for the day, I’m just going to go to bed for a while. He seems to be fine fortunately, but the truck he drives is likely a loss. To quote Ellie, it’s been “a day” amigos.)