Guns for Sale: Level 70 legendaries

Hi folks. Just did a couple of gun runs and trips to the grinder and got some really cool stuff. Here are some of my gun wants and what I’ve got so far. All guns in my stock have matching grips and are level 70 unless stated otherwise.

Wants (must be level 70):
Major Tom(Corrosive)
Fusillade (Shock)
Torrent (Corrosive)
Cheat Code (Shock)
Development/Crowd Pleaser(Shock)

Here is what I have (All guns are 70 and have matching manufacturer grip unless stated otherwise):

Absolute Zero
The Longest Yard (Corrosive)
Rustler’s Flayer
Double Penetrating 88 Fragnum
Long Nail (Shock and Fire)

Message me on the forums or on my Xbox 360 account, El Cuco 65. Hope we can do business.

I have about half your list, but not the right elements… Among others, I’ve been wanting an Omni Cannon, at least to try it out. I have just about every ledge Grenade @70, and in shields, Bulwark, reogenator & black hole if you’re interested.

What time zone are you in? I’m in brisbane. It’s 7.15am here now. I’ll be back in about 10-11 hours from now (work)

I’m in eastern time zone.

Tomorrow morning I’ll look for you on live. Cheers


I’m on now. Will be for the next few hours

Updated my list to make it easier.


I guess I should have waited for the Xbox one version cause I haven’t gotten any requests yet.