Guns for Zer0 to progress the raid bosses

So… I’ve already completed the UVHM, and I would like to farm for some guns, before trying to get my OP levels.

Aaaand also - I would like to take out some of the raid bosses, since I’ve never done that before! But… need weapons!

Do you guys have any suggestions to what guns I could try to get?

I’m currently using sniper build, with kunai knifes… And got an unkept Harold with me as well. Thinking about going for some hybrid, by getting some shotguns!

Hope u guys got some suggestions

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You could do the bore trick on hyperious. Just YouTube it I’m sure there’s tons of videos. Also it’s not a raid but I’ve gotten tons of good gear from the Marcus dlc.

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Like Pie said, the snowman chest is a great place to farm for new gear. Personally I also like to take runs behind Ellies garage in the Dust. You have a good chance for tubbies so you can get all the good classmods (Ninja, Killer, and to a lesser extent sniper). And you get to kill the Black queen for a chance to get a Nukem, and at the end of the run you have Mobley and gettley so you can have a chance to get the Lyuda.

And if you get the Lyuda and you’re good at aiming you can use that to kill raids with. If you get shock, try pyro pete, if fire, try Terra.

The easiest raid for Zero is Hyperius since you can b0re him with pretty much anythign as long as you have a singularity grenade. Check it out on youtube, its real easy with a Harold!

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Pimpernel, Pimpernel, Pimpernel and finally… a Pimpernel! One for each element, and you’re good to go! Maybe also a Lyuda. Only guns you’ll ever need on Sniper Zero.

The Pimpernel is a mission reward for “Don’t copy that floppy” in the Pirate dlc. Lyuda drops from Gettle in the Dust. Farming the Lyuda also means that you’re passing through one of the best areas for Tubbies, and who knows what they will drop!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Some Loot midget farming is also a good idea to get some good relics.

Hyperius is probably the easiest farm for Zero. Pete is also a pushover, but it takes a bit longer each time. Both drop seraph crystals, which can be used to get a good shield, or a good transfusion grenade.


Since you only get 1 pimpernel (legit) I’d highly recommend saving it for op8 or whatever max lvl you decide to stop on. It is hands down the best gun in the game, especially for Zero.

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Thanks for the replies!

I haven’t got a singularity grenade, but I’ll farm for one this weekend, and then I’ll give Hyperius a try.

Already been farming for the Lyuda and using a slag and shock version! Haven’t been able to find the other elements yet, despite some serious farming!

I’ll go farm the black queen like you said Fyx! :slight_smile:

And about the Pimpernel, already got mine from UVHM … ( should have waited! )
So I’ll have to restart my UVHM play through, and thats something I am considering now.

Also I’ve been farming for the Twister Shotgun … For hybrid build, but it is so freaking difficult to get!!

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Since the mission appears around half way into the dlc, it’s not that much work to do a reset. It’s definetly worth it!

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Well, you don’t only reset the DLC, you reset the entire game. Some people might see that as an inconvenience.

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I think its a huge inconvenience. But I am aware of it. But I think, I wouldn’t mind… I am not going to reset it, before I’ll get a few more items, I can use. Really want a powerfull shotgun

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Don’t spend to much time farming the Twister at lvl 72. It doesn’t take more then a couple of hours to do the first 4 OP lvls and the Twister and all your other 72 items (except coms) will be obsolete.

Personally I don’t farm pre-op lvls at all. I just pick up a new harold every 3 lvls (super easy to get from savage lee theese days) or so, and pick up new shields from the snowmanchest at about the same frequenzy.
At op5 i usually get myself a Bee shield in the forest. Its not necessary but it does make things easier.

The easiest (as in requires minimal equipment effort) way to farm the snowman with Zero is to just pick up ANY vladof fire sniper, spec critical ascension and you’ll kill him with ease.

Good luck!

Ps. By looking at your name I would guess you’re norwegian? We might be playing at the same times, so send me a PM if you’d like me to help you out with OP lvls.

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If u haven’t picked up the heartbreaker yet and need a fire shotgun I’d recommend that.
Otherwise all Shotguns are great on Zero, hit the snowmanchest a few times and you’ll probably get a nice shotgun in no time.

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Close enough - Danish, so I might PM you, when I got time to play again.

I already picked up the Heartbreaker, but I’ll keep farming the Snowman chest.

Just been completing the DLC, just for fun now.

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Another great shotty for fleshies with Zer0 is the Blockhead from the Badass Creeper in Caustic Caverns. Never used that till I started my 2nd Zer0 and had a lvl 50 variant laying around when I started UVHM and it served me quite well 1-3 shotting almost any slagged fleshy clear upto lvl 62! Phenomenal shotty that’s easy to farm but time consuming with the walk cross map and all the threshers but well worth the payoff!

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Clear all the missions in caustic caverns to open up a shortcut. Well worth it if u want to farm the blockhead and longbow.

Also the bandit quest reward shotguns are pretty damn good. (RokSalt, and Jolly roger.) Consider picking one up if u need a good shotgun to progress through the lvls.

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Totally forgot bout the shortcut :frowning: well next time I farm one I’ll remember. Have to go back soon anyways.

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