Guns id like to see buffed

Happy to see the call weapons buffed.Would like to see crossroads,cutsman, and lyuda.
Anything else anyone?

Lyuda was buffed the week before.

Buff all the Rocket Launchers that have damage values less than the plasma coil.

Especially Hive and Quadomizer.


Cutsman would be a welcome buff, but some would say the DNA is the equivalent. Thoughts on buffs:

  • I’d love to see the Brainstormer be buffed to match the Reflux and then have a third, incendiary version of that gun.
  • Give the Seventh Sense a drop spot and the ability to come anointed.
  • Also give drop spots to the Bekah, Scoville, Ember’s Purge, Cloud Kill, Rico, etc. Every legendary should be farmable.

Looking across all the manufacturers, there’s so many weapons deserving of buffs I’ve just created a list of ones I / the community could get excited about.

  • Atlas weapons: Carrier, Freeman, Rebel’s Yell, Ruby’s Wrath, Plumage
  • COV: Linoge, Skeksil, Stauros’ Burn
  • Dahl: Barrage, Good Juju, Hellfire
  • Hyperion: Bitch, Brainstormer (see above), Conference Call, Crossroad (4th pellet back), Hyperfocus
  • Jakobs: Headsplosion, Mutant, Stonethrower, The Companion, Unseen Threat, Wagon Wheel, Wedding Invitation
  • Maliwan: Blind Sage, Chandelier, Frequency, Kill o the Wisp, Mind-Killer, Operator, Recursion, Superball
  • Tediore: Baby Maker
  • Torgue: the Alchemist, Bearcat (give damage based off grenades), Breeder, Devastator, Echo, Hive, Juliet’s Dazzle, Laser-Sploder, Occultist, Quadomizer, Satisfaction, Scourge
  • Vladof: in a pretty good place currently

Most sniper rifles (especially jakobs)

Most can be outdamaged by AR’s or even pistols.

And in mayhem (maybe even after M6) non legendary have a chance to roll a 300% (or something, to get them near to legendary numbers) damage bonus (getting these back on the map again) i found an E-tech pistol in arms race and it was fun to use… However it was pretty useless outside arms race.

Non legendary artifacts and classmods… How about 4 modifiers instead of 3? Wouldn’t make them OP but more viable to use (this could also help against how hard it is to find artifacts)


There ya go!

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Anointments on quest items, and the buffs I’d most like to see are Nukem and Burning Chomper; past that, I’d like general quest item buffs on top of the anointments for a lot of the main game quests, and the Superball.

Oh! Tunguska and the devourer too.

The Devastator. It’s a shame that one of the coolest looking pistols lags behind so much. Stickies suck, it would be nice to have at least one decent working throwback to the good old days of exploding Torgue gyrojets.


I’d rather we not buff every gun to be as strong as the plasma coil, thanks.


yeah that thing is insane :sweat_smile:

espacialy on the new true trial :rofl:

You have to ask, why did gearbox work themselves into a corner where most of the toys became irrelevant?

Then you have to ask, do the people tweaking the game even play it? From their choices, it doesn’t seem like it.

The plasma coil is the only gun you need, esp as Moze.

Also the echo; that was a ton of fun on my first playthrough

give it to your clone as zane :wink:

it shreds :rofl:

Would love to see buffs for Echo, Warlord, and Westergun

Infinity pistol needs one pretty badly. Its pretty much a joke right now.

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Hell Yea, that sounds hot!

i have to disagree…

the standard infinity is kinda crap… but there’s variants with fire rate and extra damage, those are the one you want. ASA anointment (or urade if you like) and more increased fire rate (get this as high as you can)

it won’t be the fastest weapon for killing but you can just hold down LMB and BRRRRRRRR your way across the maps (it works realy well on zane)

my very first GTD victory was with a normal infinity (fire rate, extra damage and 100%cryo) and a shock (just fire rate but shields aren’t that tough) took a while but imho… it did great.

even in BL2 i used the infinity (and a harold) to clear digistruct peak.

all in all… the trend of super OP weapons is realy hurting the game… i say no more buffs and actualy start nerfing stuff instead… (why did the clairvoyance need a buff? it was allready top tier!)

Cold Shoulder*
Faisor (the underbarrel shotgun is great, but the primary fire is meh. maybe make it splash?)
The Horizon
The Ice Queen* (increase cryo efficiency)
The Leech*
Miss Moxxi’s Vibra Pulse*
Vosk’s Deathgrip

*Needs to drop anointed

EDIT: Not a gun, but the Chupa’s Organ grenade needs a buff too

Is there any legendary worth using that’s damage is under 10k? I pretty much ignore everything if it’s damage is under 10k, and that’s lvl 65 m11.
Like, the carrier and ogre come to mind. Lots of the SMGs.
Not sure of the damage of those legendary jakobs revolvers, like the duc and flood, but I feel like a maggie just instantly outclasses those, not to mention a light show.
Like there’s so many cool looking, useless weaponry in this game.

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