Guns id like to see buffed

Jakobs are weird to compare :rofl:

You really have to use them in order to know what works for you :joy:

Wagon wheel imho isn’t worth using though (or it could be me not able to use its gimmick)

The others… I probably use them all :joy:

For the longest time i only used jakobs on Zane (and some other weapons for bosses because it was impossible to hit critical hits)

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Or like, the Bloom. I guess you really just have to build around it.

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Oh and the flood… There’s the newest jakobs pistol that basically does the same thing but better haha

And i think it’s more about your playstyle :wink:

Jakobs is all about hitting those headshots

Like i said, i used them all… Except the wagon wheel wich i just yeet off the map :rofl:

Companion for example, it does fire DoT when you can crit (and the damage is pretty great) but not that great for most enemies (because shields and armor) and then you have the love drill haha

The duc is the one with sticky bombs hehe (they stick to everything) also a fun weapon to play around with

Hmm, I’ll keep an eye out for those ones and see what I can come up with.
Just been running a Zane clone and drone and have a hard time finding guns that can improve this loadout:
-Free Radical
-Soul Render
-Lightshow (swap between flame and corrosive, need a non elemental too though)

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For your clone, give it the plasma coil (arms race) or the sand hawk (katagawa)

And be prepared to do absolutely… nothing while your clone destroys everything :rofl:

I used to run a drone/dome build with mostly jakobs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Great for mobbing but the green tree is just bad for bossing haha

But you can never go wrong with a jakobs :wink: a clairvoyance masher still is my favorite weapons (paired with the drone’s radiation you click heads and everything turns into a red/yellow mist)

Atm i’m using a cryo Lucians call (swapped with damage and fire rate increased infinity wich i still take with me) it’s a vladof/jakobs hybrid :joy: it’s good on the clone but the 2 i said earlier are probably your best picks (it absolutely wrecks with those guns)

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If just going by the item card damage then there’s a few under 10k that are good. Flipper, x1 Shredifier, Redistributor, Dowsing Rod (alt-fire grenade launcher) come to mind. Lucky 7 and Sawbar can be close to 10k depending on parts.

So happy with the Hive buff, would also love to see these two…

Bearcat - would be interesting as the projectiles count as grenades, but yeah it doesn’t receive grenade damage boosts

Quadomizer - base game x4 launcher that cycles radiation, corrosive, and incendiary but the damage is whack as all get out

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