Guns love and tentacles dlc bug

gearbox can you please fix the cutscene bug were hammerlock and Wainwright kiss being unskipable please and before any one comments this has nothing to do with the kissing part it is only about being unable to skip a cutscene that’s all greatly appreciated thanks if you can please


close your eyes


why not? :slight_smile: every other scene you can skip, why not that one?


Thank you some one who understands some times I love watching all the cutscenes some times I just want to rush and skip simple nothing else to it just a pleasant request for what I would assume is a bug to be fixed


yeah that’s why so many people (including me) asked for it :smiley:

still wonder why it wasn’t included from the start (and why it took so long to put it in the game)

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apparently it was to do with how the game handled cutscenes apparently they were not like little separate movies and where more a game play thing so it was hard to make them skippable

oh ok :smiley:

kinda sucked though haha i remember the one where you kill troy… i just walked away after the first time and got some coffee and stuff :joy: by the time i got back it was still playing… (don’t have to tell you how much i liked the main story haha) the DLC ones i actualy allmost never skipped :smiley:

I never skip anything first time but 3rd to 11th I tend to spam the skip button lol

main story i skipped after the first time :joy: i still hate listning to those god awfull twins ranting the whole time… when jack did it, it was funny as hell… (buttstalion rofl) the twins where just friggin anoying AF! :frowning: they weren’t even funny… AT ALL

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They were good but only thier banter on Eden 6 tbh tyreen had so much potential that the writers missed

oh yeah, eden 6 did have its moments for the 2 xD

like killing each of their camps haha that part was funny :slight_smile:

I was wondering about this LMAO. I was clicking buttons fast like wtf?

Yeah I haven’t seen any other threads on it so I thought I’d create one

Good thing you did. All cut scenes should be skippable.

Do you think that was done unintentionally since they managed to make all cutscenes skippable in Bounty of Blood and Krieg’s DLC. Moreover it’s been how many months since this DLC released and it still hasn’t been addressed…