Guns, Love & Tentacles - Thanks GBX!

In this day and age you’d think as a planet/species we’d have moved beyond… okay, never mind.

I just wanted to post a THANK YOU GEARBOX for (apparently) having the balls to release GL&T.

I remember back to our first run through (Co-op w/my partner) and talking with Wainwright only to discover that he and Sir H were together. I immediately thought that they would make a great Valentines DLC.

Anywho, thanks again


funny thing is I was worried for Wainwright lol

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Can we also have a shout-out for their wedding planner, Gaige, or, rather, her voice actor, Cherami Leigh. Her impressions of the various Borderlands NPCs, while staying in character as Gaige, were brilliant :smiley:


I might not have much experience in terms of video game couples, especially not gay couples, but I think that Hammerlock and Wainwright are one of the most believable couples in gaming. They enjoy each other’s company, they love each other, they are worried about each other and they argue with each other. It’s neither the perfect romance nor a total disaster. They just fit each other well and somewhat complete what the other is missing in his personality traits and life.