Guns of Reliance... skip possible?

Instead of going to the locked Fort Sunshine gate, can I just ride the log and drop in, saving that unnecessary step and dialogue I’ve heard too many times already?
There are too many points in this game where you’re just waiting for Echo calls to end. Wish they could be skipped like cutscenes, tbh

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Hm… apparently it is not. The lumberyard is shut until you pass those needles steps :roll_eyes:

At least this bit isn’t as cringeworthy as Maya’s funeral.

In TPS, Tiny Tina and other characters offer up commentary as the game’s story is related by Athena… at one point there’s a lot of talking going on with no action and afterwards Tina says something like “That was… so… much… talking…”

The talky bits in BL3 always remind me of that. :smiley:

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Also, you apparently cannot just jump over the front gate to Fort Sunshine either (which you absolutely CAN do, I did it last night), because Fort Sunshine requires you specifically to ride the log/box in order to trigger the dialogue with Clay.

It’s very annoying. It’s like telling your boss a door is locked, but they tell you to try turning the knob the other way before taking the other entrance.

Any time I hit the button to Talk to Lilith I just hit mute immediately

“hey killer-”
“hey killer-”
“hey killer-”

Bruh, the number of times the game hold you up by adding “talk to ____” objectives… you can’t even go afk to get through the talking, because it wants it to be an ‘interactive’ cutscene, despite the PC not showing up in any cutscene.

Imagine if they used cutscenes to actually give the characters a bit more life!
Just outsource some SFM boys.