Guns Only From Grinder

Say something if you agree with me on that TPS should have more bosses to drop all the legendaries that the game has because the grinder is so random.

It’s random within the subset of gear that you are grinding for. But you need to think this through for a minute.

You could be farming a particular raid boss with a sizeable loot pool for a Flakker but there are 10 other Legendary gears in it’s loot pool that also have a chance to drop. So you already have a considerably small chance of getting a drop (1 in 50) much less the one piece of gear that you are looking for.

Compare that to the Grinder. I know I want a Flakker. What’s the competition for other legendary shotties? Marketer, Sledge’s, and Striker. I take my two Thingy’s and one purple shotty along with some Moonstones and now I have a 1 in 4 chance each grind of getting a Flakker. The only thing random is the number of grinds it’s going to take to get your weapon of choice.

So what is more random?

Take a look at previous topics on your “issue”. Another topic about it is not going to help or change anything.

This guy has dropped two difficult to understand and generally already hashed out “issues”. Ugh.

Make that 3 now that I see the one about OP levels.