Guns stats don't make sense, color coding of items doesn't match stats etc. bugs galore

just played 5 hours straight, looted lots of items.
I was using a Blue AR then got a Gold drop for an AR. woo-hoo right?, no it’s a boo-hoo. the Gold AR is 3 levels above the Blue AR I was using. The stats on the gold one are worse across the board except clip size and fire rate, but the difference is so small it doesn’t matter. The Gold AR has +33 or so % damage boost yet even with the boost it does 2/3’s of the damage of the Blue AR which has no % damage boost in its stats

Another thing I noticed is that a lot of the Greens and even White drops have bonus stats and the amount of additional stats that belong on Blue or Purple guns. Some of the Blue/Purple guns have no additional stats as if they should have dropped as a green item. Also a whole bunch of Purple drops have worse damage/stats then the same type of Green item. I constantly get green drops that are way better than Purple drops I get of the same or lesser level. The worst thing is that the Purple drops have lower damage then Greens sometimes as much as 50% less, when comparing to Greens that are sometimes 2-4 levels below the Purple (and the greens I’m comparing to do not have % damage boosts in stats…

Then there is the thing with the inventory icons , it seems that randomly my item icons get replaced by other icons, for example an AR can have a shield icon, or a revolver a grenade icon, etc. after a while the items get reset to the right icon for the item, but this bug happens to me almost every time I mess with the inventory or vendor…
anyone else notice any of these issues?

You should be more self conscious about this.


Yep. All the time. The friend I’m playing with gets this too. Almost sold a couple of items I use because of this.

Sometimes item icons don’t load at all and you just get a loading circle on top of it instead.

There’s also been a couple of times that items in a vending machine are displayed in random spread out pieces (not the icon this time, but the actual weapon).

I think the % bonus damage in the description are already accounted for in the damage number in the card, so I basically never look at the +xx% damage unless its critical damage or something else than base dmg.