Guns that get a Grenade Damage Bonus in BL3?

A lot of guns in BL2 got a nice little additional bonus boost from “Grenade Damage”

Unkempt Harold
To name a few

Does such a bonus exist in BL3 and if so…what guns benefit from it??

I’m yet to find one.

BL3 Ogre and hail definitely don’t.

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I don’t think any do, even if they shoot grenades.

Only Splash/AoE

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What exactly is the difference between AoE and Splash? :thinking:

There is something that isnt boosted by one or another or everything one boosts the other boosts too?

They are the same. It’s probably just poor consistency in their phrasing. Like FFYL Time and Fight For Your Life Duration

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I am probably wrong on this but…

I thought AoE was the area in which an elemental damage over time could be applied.

Kind of like splash area…but not splash.

Bigger is obviously better…

But splash gives more damage IF you have a splash gun

You would think, but it very clearly raises splash damage when you out an AoE boost on

I don’t think there’s any other difference but would gladly be proven differently

As far as I know, only the mirvs from Tediore reloads get a buff from grenade damage I believe. At least that’s what I heard.

Vladof E-Tech assault rifles with the Grenade Launcher under barrel get a grenade damage bonus and also are affected by Pull The Holy Pin.

I only tested with one vladof, so I’m not sure if it’s all vladof grenade launchers. I am sure that it doesn’t affect guns that shoot grenades like the Bearcat.


Vladof E-tech AR’s??..sorry…am drawing a blank here…

Like what guns??

The Sickle?

And anybody look at torgue with Gyrojets??

Alien Barrel guns, sorry I refer to then as E-Tech because of previous games.

I literally just realized that E-tech is short for Eridian Tech aka Alien Barrel guns. Wow i’m dumb

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To be fair, hotfix notes have called them E-Tech. You’re good.