Guns the Bee makes perfect sense for

(Johnrr6) #1

OK…we all know the Bee makes EVERY gun BETTER. Some more than others but some guns it makes absolutely no sense to use a Bee because of it’s range.

If you are “mixing it up” at closer ranges and you are using a Bee…well…good luck with that. Especially at OP8, a Bee is like tissue paper.

But I do think there are some guns…with good standoff ability and other attributes that make the Bee a good choice to take the weapon from good…to exceptional.

Yeah…we all know the SandHawk with unlisted pellets and if you can get used to the wavy delivery…the Bee takes that gun to the farthest dimension.

I have some other candidates and I’m interested in your thoughts and your own nominations.

Here are my favorites besides the SandHawk:

Scorpio = A Bee and proper tactics with that quick tight 5-7 shot burst just turns it into an exceptional ranged “assault sniper” with a huge AR ammo pool.

Seeker = Almost a no brainer. The Seeker’s ability lets you standoff completely safe and STILL pound enemies…around slight corners…behind cover…you name it.

Lyuda = Fast fire rate, great bullet speed and unlisted pellets…with a LONG range for safety

LadyFist = A fast FR version with a good scope makes it a pretty darn good decent range sniper…with an 800% Critical Hit Bonus and a HUGE ammo pool.

Invader = Another quick, tight, 5 shot burst sniper

Honerable Mentions:

What other guns fit this category?

(Santa Söze) #2

Ricochet Fibber! I’ve used it on every character with the Bee. The Bunker is one of my faves with it. With Gaige, ridiculous.

(Johnrr6) #3

Got another…

The Hail

Umlisted Pellets with a very high Crit damage boost to a very solid base gun damage.

With a high FR

And you can employ it from a fairly safe standoff distance…ADS really tightens it’s spread.


The Bee-kah…I mean the Bekah works very well. Really any weapon with unlisted pellets will do great and terrible things.

(Watcher on the wall) #5

Probably not the best, but I have a lot of fun with the Bee and Baby Maker.

(Can't stand ya) #6

The Avenger gets bee amp damage bonus on the reload chuck, so it’s pretty sick.

Pimpernel’s orbs also get full amp damage iirc?

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #7

For fun: the shotgun barrel Fibber with non-Accelerate Maya and +11 points in Chain Reaction. The shots go pretty slowly, but they’re all carrying amp damage. In a mob condensed by Converge and open to Chain Reaction, you really get to see and hear the amp damage because it’s almost in slow motion as those lazy shots ricochet slowly among the piled enemies.

For damage: the Godfinger, either because you’re super far away, or you’re doing some pseudo-B0re trick, you generally only hear a single amp sound, but you see the damage of many amp values in that shot.

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(Carlton Slayer) #9

I’d have to say the classic duo of Infinity and Conference Call (the pairing of the Bee+CC is why the Bee got nerfed, at least to the best of my understanding as I didn’t start playing BL2 until more than a year after its release). @Ronnie_Rayburn- he kind of mentions the Sand Hawk in his original post so…:slight_smile:

(Community Jackass) #10

:blush: I thought I’d read that post thoroughly… Dangit!

I guess that explains why no one else proposed it before me. Let’s see… What’s the name of the mission where you get the Sandhawk? Oh, now I remember… “Whoops”.

(kgk4569) #11

The Bearcat gets the initial 3 grenades boosted by the Bee…

(Rumplebunny) #12

Maya and Gaige are my only characters that regularly wear a Bee. I used to have my Axtons wear them, but my playstyle with him usually has him closing to closer range to maximize hits with the Ogre and DPUH so he was getting hit too much for it to be effective (those weapons are powerful enough on their own anyway, especially when they’re buffed up with Axton’s skills and an explosive relic.)

With Maya, I usually keep her at a medium to long distance, with her main weapons being various elemental flavors of Bitches and Lyudas. Both strong with the Bee, the Lyuda obviously with its unlisted pellets and fire rate, but the Bitch with its focused accuracy. It really pops those crit spots.

With Gaige, she usually has one on unless I spec her into Sharing Is Caring. She doesn’t really need the Bee with high anarchy stacks but it’s so crazy over the top with a redundant ricochet Fibber I can’t resist it. :wink: A shock Kitten seems to work OK with her too if I want to come into close range and start plowing (usually better against critters than pot-shot taking bandits). Blood Soaked Shields keeps the Bee up and the Moxxi heal negates its health penalty.


I hardly ever use the thing; like you said, at OP8, running around with that thing is basically a death wish. But the two big ones (Sandhawk and Pimp) were already mentioned.

How about the Florentine or Hellfire?

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #14

I hardly ever use the thing; like you said, at OP8, running around with that thing is basically a death wish. But the two big ones (Sandhawk and Pimp) were already mentioned.

How about the Florentine or Hellfire?

Funny that you mention the Florentine. I was stuck at the ancient dragon yesterday and couldn’t shake him off. (Or kept falling lol) Looked at my inventory and got rid of it with the Florentine/Bee combo. And a shock bone of course. High fire rate, slag, good range. Yep, pretty solid.

(Johnrr6) #15

Good Touch and Bad Touch

At the game’s highest levels…these two are way too light in the damage department.

Add a Bee and all of a sudden they are totally viable again with their fast fire rates, accuracy and crit bonus…AND 2% healing based on damage dealt.


Axton who uses a swift lead storm (the 15.0 rof) that spreads the amplified extra bullets on saturn, over the roof of the abandoned borderlands motel … nice view, you not have to see saturn, just look the shower of bullets and hear how saturn dies on the other side of the shack

(Spark Seeker) #17

I was going to say the Lead Storm. I dont like to use it with the Hail as I usually use the Hail for in your face fights against Raids.

Anyway, there are two AR that I personally like with it and Nth Degree: the Bekah and the Sawbar. Especially the Sawbar, with its unlisted pellets and all their splash damage.

The Fiber and CC are so commom that I think everyone already know/use them.

Also, Madsouh!

(Blitzer850) #18

The knuckle dragger & bee! :slight_smile:

(Blitzer850) #19

Another thing, off topic though. I swear Axton’s voice sounds just like “better call Saul” dude on TV haha

(Cristian) #20

For more “run-of-the-mill” options, Anarchist pistols are working very well for my Bee based Zer0.

High rate of fire and large capacity followed by a prior touch of slag really tear through the bad guys in short order.