Guns when leaving an area

So, I’m surprised no one has talked about this yet, maybe they have, but I did a general search and nothing has come up. Not even a simple youtube video talking about this. Basically, what is the reasoning behind guns that have dropped (example farming bunker) and when you leave the area and come back, the guns that dropped previously now stand up and face the south? I noticed on the warrior as well the loot that drops BEFORE the moonshot cannon blows him up stands up and faces the West. Check it out for yourself. Does this have something to do with lore? Is it just simple coding? Why does it happen? Would be cool to hear some feedback on this.

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This would be my guess. The items dropped on the ground are retained in memory (until it gets purged as part of a regular clean-up, always commencing with the most common items) but not the exact orientation of how they ended up from the lootsplosion. So when you return to the map, the game spawns whatever should still be there to the correct location, but in a standard (default) orientation.

You can also occasionally see this with other things - you’ll notice something drop into position, and there’s a dead body there or something. Happens in a lot of games. Heck, I had a whole horse fall on top of me once in Skyrim…


I agree, but whats to be said about the warriors loot facing the WEST even BEFORE you leave the map and come back? The only thing this made me think of is how you have to use the bathroom facing away from Mecca in an islamic religion, no idea why I’m sure it has no relation, but still. I find this facinating and yet there is nothing on the topic, coding or not.

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I always chalked it up to a coding optimization. When you leave a map, the loot is strewn about as shown with a full set of 3D rotational data (which is what you’re seeing… gear lying sideways, spun about, etc.) as well as position. When you leave and come back, they re-draw the map from scratch, which includes putting the loot back. By omitting the rotational data, the overhead of recording and restoring this information is dropped (so these processes are faster), but you still get the loot back where you left it.

Total guess here though. :confused:


You’ll see the same thing in Craw’s area in BL1 - go down to the vending machines, come back up, and lo and behold weapons standing to attention.

I suspect that this may also be affected by collision stuff with the terrain, bodies (rakk/maggots) etc.

Anyway, it is kind of neat to see.

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I think you hit the nail on the head. Would have been cool though if it ended up being some sort of more with the moon elpis or something lol.

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