Guns with the highgest shock elemental effect damage

So, what are the guns with the highgest elemental effect damage? Im trying to build a LBT Gaige and was wondering the best guns to take the most out of Electrical Burn.
I thought about the Thunderball Fists and Little Evie. Is there something else worth mentioning or even something better?
Crit, Yellow Jacket, Slow Hand… The topic that shows the max stats is still out there?

Thanks for Any feedback!

The Storm is supposed to be really strong for DoT builds. However, the way I use EB is by using Teslas and Stormfronts.

Twister is pretty fun and strong, but a bugger to farm.
Heh. Bugger isn’t blocked.

Yeah, the Storm is awesome but its a pearl so… very hard to find im afraid. Also, the best grenade to use with EB are the ones from Tiny Tina DLC.
They have the highgest DoT IIRC

Those seem like the top end of shock DoT-producing weapons. I imagine a shock Pimpernel would produce some serious zap.

not sure about this, but can’t weapons with unlisted pellets apply multiples DoTs at once? considering that, it’d definitely have to be the Pimpernel

Hell, Gaige is the only character that can use the Storm effectively from my understanding.
Have fun finding one though.