Gunzerker build help

Hi, i want to do a build of Gunzerker and i need help in it.
I like tank, fire rate and shotguns.
I play in Op8 and i have installed the ucp, but i can play in any mode of game (vanilla or ucp), it doesnt care to me, i can play in the mode that better addapt to the build that i want.

I tried things like
and and use butcher (one of each element), rough rider and slag slow hand.

My principal fault is vs bosses, i did not damage to them jajaja.

What build can you recommend me accordint to my tastes? Vanilla or UCP for that?

Thanks you.


What coms are you building into, or what style of play are you aiming at? I think the best place to ask this question might be here:

What bosses are giving you trouble? Have you run a Deputy build (I’m guessing you’re familiar with it already, but it never hurts to ask)? That’s like walking around with a Nuke in your pocket and trivializes most bosses I’ve bumped heads with.


Oh god, where to start…those builds…:grimacing:

First you need to read this. This gives a great breakdown on the skills you want and those you don’t :

Secondly, all important! What COM or COMs are you using?

Thirdly, no one here runs the UCP so you will only get vanilla build advice.

And lastly : Butchers work very well with Inconceivable and Money Shot so you can start with that.


Once upon a time, Butcher was my favorite, I butchered so many living/moving beings…:skull:
But now I’m helping the sheriff after repenting my past… :cowboy_hat_face:
You will find your way as I did.


@paulothead @Jefe @kbk160008

Thanks for your answers and sorry for not complete all my info.

I have problems with the most of bosses; vs minibosses like lee (harold drop), im okay; vs history or dlcs bosses, they are soooooooo hard, practically i cant kill them; vs invincibles… i cant damage them, their life bar is always full jajaja.

With the buils that i posted, i was using Butchers in main hand, slag slow hand in second hand, rough rider shield, hoarding war dog class mod, hyperion alleigance relic and transfusion slag grenades. In some situations, i change shield for Sham or Neogenator.

I chose alleigance relic and not deputy, because both shotguns are hyperion and that relic gives more stats than deputy relic, i dont know if that is bad or if deputy build has more changes than that.

For one of your advices, of use money shot, i did this build, I could not taste it yet, its better than the builds that i posted? Or can be improved?

The only requisites that i have for my play style are: tank (i dont like be squishy, i like recover hp and dont die easy), fire rate and shotguns. I dont have troubles for use one or other com, shield, shotguns… I dont have favourite items.


If you want to be so, you will need a Lady Fists in one hand. I think it is essential. And other shotguns.

You may research this. Yes. Deputy’s. In my experience, It is the best way against the invincibles.


The problems I see with your new build are Inconceivable and 5 Shots or 6. They make you wait much longer for the burst damage spike that Money Shot provides.
I went all the way to OP2 or OP3 using the Grog/Harold cheese tactic before I needed help. That’s when I went Deputy (the link @kbk160008 posted). The variant I use is very similar, or even exactly, this build that @Jefe put together.

Jefe rolls without Moxxi gear built that way, but I do use Moxxi gear and find myself to be nigh unkillable. You can make any shotgun work in that setup as long as it’s Jakobs, if it fires 2 times between reloads is ideal, I ran with a three shot coach gun for a while before I started getting picky. I keep a Magic Missile for grenade regeneration and Quasars/Storm Fronts for sustained heals, but you can use any grenade you want, Chain Lightning is a favorite around here.
To give you an idea of what the Deity (this is a typo, but I’m going to leave it because it is capable of almost god-like feats of slaughter) build can do, there are a couple of threads you should look at.

Both of those threads show skilled (better than mine, for sure) gameplay using the gear and build. These videos have absolutely improved my play piloting Sal, and @Kurtdawg13’s was the thread that convinced me to move that way myself.


Oh. I need to reorganize the tread now.


If you think it’s necessary. I linked it here as an illustration of what this build can do with skill and practice, and for that purpose it absolutely works. I just like to watch your videos the same way a novice musician watches more accomplished artists, something to work towards. I doubt I’ll ever reach your skill level, but you absolutely show me ways to improve my gameplay. And for that I will never stop thanking you.


Hey buddy!
This is too much for me.
It is my pleasure that my efforts have affected you.
I am not an excellent person, I was concentrating and trying. I just started early what anyone could do.


To my mind this level of humbleness proves that you are an excellent person. Don’t forget, you showed that the +5/6 to Money Shot is unnecessary when you started using the Beast com to good effect. You have earned the respect that you are shown, friend. :smile:

This is not a humbleness. I meant “excellency” is not my nature.
The skill I have now is the product of time and mental energy. It really is.
Before I started playing the game what the character of my profile picture is the character, that is, some time in late 2017, I was just an average player.
If I was 10 then I would have been 3.
I think I have raised my senses and abilities to six through the arcade mode of the game.
And because of the unfair flaw in the game that I can not stand, I came back to Pandora and started BadassRound of MS.
You’ll be able to check my status(of 6) on the very first video of my YouTube channel.
Perhaps the first upload is Maya. Since that upload, my 6 has increased by 0.1 and now is 10.
I am not as tense as it was last summer and autumn, but I am still focused and trying, and I believe I will need a lot of energy in the future, but it will be possible up to 12 or 13.

You’re right. Who made/makes a lot of effort.:no_mouth:

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This is exactly what I meant when I said that you have earned the respect you are shown. Regardless of where you started you worked until you got better. That is a level of discipline that many, myself included because I do not strive for excellence but for success, do not demonstrate. Skill grows from practice and dedication, and you have grown yours very well.


Oh. You did.
You had a good insight.:wink:


Super quick because I’m about to go into a conference and won’t be here today : Inconceivable is exactly what what makes Money Shot chains.

Note - that build was specific to that challenge but you can see 5or6 was 10/5.


Cheers @Jefe. I was thinking in terms of the Deputy, which prefers predictable Money Shots over less predictable Money Shot chains. At least to the best of my understanding.