Gunzerker Chaotic Evil Monk Class Mod Help

Currently I am playing as Salvador at Level 45 in TVHM. I have been farming in Tiny Tina’s DLC for coming up to 21 hours over 3 days and am tearing my hair out with frustration on being unsuccessful in my quest. The areas being farmed are:
a) the 3 ‘special’ chests in The Forest and
b) going into the Mines of Avarice and entering the Immortal Woods via the back door to gain access to the 2 chests .
I have had loads of Lawful Evil Monk Class Mods (purple & blue), True Neutral Monk Class Mods (purple) and Neutral Evil Monk Class Mods (blue) but these are not what I am looking for. To make matters worse I’ve just got a purple Chaotic Evil Monk Class Mod but purple. As a result it only has 3 Money Shot skills. If anyone has a spare blue Chaotic Evil Monk Class Mod with Critical Damage and Fire Rate with at least 5 or 6 Money Shot skill bonuses I will swap for 2 of the purples listed above.


Would you believe it, an hour after posting the above a finally got the blue Chaotic Evil Monk Class Mod. I will keep the spare purple and blue versions of related class mods for few days if anybody would like them.

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