Gunzerker Character in BL 1

I’m not first who might think about it, but I would suggest, that some experienced modders might would make a playable character resembling a Gunzerker which could Use 2 hands at the same time, or as a basis Briсk and simply remake his action skill, it possible to realize?

It really be cool, should get something like this:

It would be perfect! =D


Lol photoshop skillz ahoi!

I dunno, maybe? But indeed it would be cool. Hella OP for BL standards doe…

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this needs to happen

@Mr_GJ Well, we have Blitz, courtesy of NOLAftw. The only way it could get more OP is if he had God Mode (the Live Wire skill is pretty close, though).

Besides, does it really matter? Rule of Cool, baby!