Gunzerker legendary hoarder class mod farm

Where is the best way to farm legendary gunzerker hoarder class mod?
Been looking for a while farming tubby in the dust, but still I get legendary class mod for physic, siren only…
Any places to recommend?

Behind Ellie’s garage in the Dust is one of the fastest runs to farm Tubbies, but you can also try Frosburn Canyon, Arid Badlands and Arid Nexus.

Pyro Pete and the Marcus loot train are also good places to see a high chance for class mods to drop- Caustic Caverns is another good place as well with chances for tubby varkids and spiderants…

Yeah, but only the original Legendary mods, like Berserker and Siren. The newer Legendary mods, like Legendary Hoarder, only come from tubbies.

I have one you can have. I’m usually on in the evenings. shoot me a message.

Ignore these jokers. Get yourself to Hallowed Hollow. The run from spawn to the Forge takes a couple of minutes and you can get a lot of tubbies. It might take 10 runs for one to show up, you might get two at once, but they’re definitely there.

I just had the legendary hoarder mod drop from a tubby varkid while trying to get Vermi to spawn in tundra express. It had the 4.1 ammo regen. :smile: I had been rolling with an OP7 version. I was happy to finally see it in OP8. Oh, and I did get vermi to spawn. but he only dropped a nade mod. :frowning:

Here is the Tubby in question. I farm for Vermi a lot, and I get tubby’s quite a bit.

And here is the mod he dropped. Good times! :smile:


Been running a few rounds at random locations… No luck on tubbies… Wondering if they are having Christmas party too…?
How many rounds have you run through to farm that?

it takes a few minutes but it doesn’t take many runs to get them to spawn. I typically get a few tubby’s when trying to farm for the Quasar or Vermi. :smile:

Just yesterday I was farming for the Quasar and had 2 Vermi spawns. Same run at different times. Got myself a Slag OP8 Norfleet and an Electric one too. I was so stoked to get those to drop.



Nice score, you got one with max ammo regen!

Thank you. I have it at OP7 as well. I wondered if that was max stat. Thank you. :smile:

take a look at the link I just posted. This should help…maybe? LOL