Gunzerker Master List: Build Collection

Original thread here. Thanks to Mirrorada for originally doing this.

If you have a build you wish to have added to the OP please list the following when submitting your build:

Manufacturer: (name of manufacturer.)
Type: (DPS, Tank, Survival/Support, Misc/Boss)
Name and link:
Level of build: (please list if it is OP 8 compatible)
Specific Gear needed: Yes or No
Difficulty level: Low, Med, High

Here’s the code for easier submissions:

**Manufacturer:** (name of manu.) **OR** **Type:** ( DPS, Tank, Survival/Support, Melee, Misc/Boss) **Name and link:** **Level of build:** **Specific Gear needed:** Yes or No **Difficulty level:** Low, Med, High

Note: because of the way this board handles formatting, you do not need to add bold, italics, etc. when submitting your build; I’ll have to add that formatting anyway when I add the build. Thank.

Builds are broken down by their primary function. However, this does not mean that a build falls under the “Pure DPS” category is restrictive to ONLY dps. The tags are set up so that we can organize builds based on what their biggest strength is. This should make it easier for people to find a build archetype that they want to play with. Please be realistic as to the difficulty level.

Type: Mobbing
Name and link: [Build] Salvador
Level of build: 30-72 +OP8
Specific Gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: Low

Name and link: Chuck80’s Deputy Sal
Level of build: Up to OP 8.
Specific Gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: Low/Med

Name and link: Umpire Sal
Level of build: Up to OP8
Specific Gear needed: yes
Difficulty level: Low/Med

Type: Mobbing
Name and link: The God of Rocket Launchers
Level of build: up to OP8
Specific Gear needed: yes
Difficulty level: Medium

Name and link: Spunky117’s Kittehzerker
Level of build: Up to OP8
Specific Gear needed: yes
Difficulty level: Low

Type: Support/Mobbing
Name and Link: The Slowest Hands in the West
Level of build: 72-OP8
Specific gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: For mobbing low/med

Manufacturer: Jakobs
Type: ( Mobbing )
Name and link: Striker Salvador
Level of build: up to OP4 ( possibly higher )
Specific Gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: Med

Type: Misc/ Mobbing
Name and link: Reverend Sal- Forever in Pain
Level of build: 72-OP8.
Specific gear needed: yes
Difficulty level: Low-medium

Type: Misc/Mobbing
Name and link: Proof of Concept: a no-Moxxi Brawnzerker for OP8
Level of build: Up to OP8
Specific Gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: Medium/High

Type: Melee
Name and link: In Brick’s shoes
Level of build: Up to OP8
Specific Gear needed: yes
Difficulty level: Med/High

Get your Build added!

You MUST have a thread or Google document dedicated to your build.

  1. A link to YOUR dedicated thread or write up on your build.
  2. Your Builds Name. If you haven’t come up with a name yet, it’s O.K. This is optional.
  3. What type of build is this?
  • Is it pure DPS?
  • Is it a boss farming build or one for a specific boss fight?
  • Take a look at the different categories and pick which one best describes your build.
  • What level is it for 50? 61? for leveling?
  • If you’ve made it to this step, CONGRATULATIONS! No really, Thank you for reading this far.

Tips and Tricks for an AWESOME build write up

Here are a few key things to have on your dedicated page, thread or document for your build.

  • Have either a screen shot or a link to a skill calculator with the build set up
  • Describe what the build is intended for
  • If your build requires or is dependent on a certain gear set up, list needed gear items, and if you can how to acquire said items.
  • Be descriptive. The more information you provide about your build, the better. Describe why you’ve chosen the skills you have, why the gear or weapons you have listed are a ‘Must Have’, even videos of the build in action. Anything helps people make a better informed decision on your build and if it’s something they might like to try.

Finally ported this:

You can update the link @Gulfwulf :blush:

(and also the description: Level of build: Up to OP8)

Changed. Thanks Chuck. :smile:

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Is it pls still possible to visit Sljm’s Mob Masher and Boss Blaster? They are on the old forums so I can no longer view them.

No, it appears it’s gone. I’ll update the link if anybody finds it.

Ok, thanks.

i’m not sure if this is it but i think i found it:


Try this

I think @dudlajz1 was looking for the actual build, not the guide on Sal’s skills. The build doesn’t seem to be in the archives. :dukesad: Thanks though.

No, I was actually looking for guide, not build, and it’s both working on this link. Thanks :smile:

the guide is the OP, The builds are on post 2 and 3 :slight_smile:

And for the actual skill distribution, Knowing Sljm, it’s probably very close to this:

I still have his build in bookmarks and you know him rly well, it’s the same one, thx :smile:

I also tried your Deputy Sal and I was glad I could make it through OP8 (base game, DLCs, all invincibles) with this one with no glitches but for obvious reasons it was much harder than with Mob Masher/Boss Blaster.

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Type: Support/Mobbing
Name/Link: [Build] The Slowest Hands In The West
Level: 72-OP8
Specific gear needed: Yes
Difficulty: For mobbing low/med

Added. Thanks.

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I wanted to check out Nick21000’s In Brick’s shoes build but the link is broken, as are several of the ones that link to the old forums. I’m currently using a Brawn build that isn’t strictly melee though- I just wanted to compare and see how similar it was. Right now I’m just about to start UVHM with it- if I can get to level 72 I might post it as a full build, depending on how well I do…

It looks like the archive site is having issues. Hey @JoeKGBX, can you have somebody look into this? Thanks.

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I can’t help with the link, but I can tell you a bit about the build:

In Brick’s shoes is strictly melee: it switches between 2 rapiers and rapier/grog for spot healing. all guns are used for slagging.

Basically it takes advantage of gunzerking’s stacking bonus to get 400% melee bonus from 2 rapiers on top of FFOH. It also featured a lot of movement boosts (from the Legendary Berserker COM, Bus and incite) to get in close very fast. If I remember right, it also had a love thumper on top.

It’s also one of the rare cases where a melee relic was a great choice (the seraph one that reduces melee override cooldown is a must here due to how good FFOH is)

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Guess I just found a new way to play sal. Thanks

This sounds so cool. I need to give this a try. :smile:

So- just how do you go about adding a build to this thread?

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