Gunzerker Master List: Build Collection

So- just how do you go about adding a build to this thread?

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Post a build and a link and I’ll add it. The submission form is in the OP. :dukecheese:

This is a reply hoping to link to a build I just created- hope it works and the build gets approved… :sweat:

I’m not seeing a link. Fill out this form and give me a link and I’ll add it:

Manufacturer: (name of manufacturer.)
Type: (DPS, Tank, Survival/Support, Misc/Boss)
Name and link:
Level of build: (please list if it is OP 8 compatible)
Specific Gear needed: Yes or No
Difficulty level: Low, Med, High

Trying to figure out how to link it to the new topic- this might take a few minutes. Maybe I did things in reverse? Edit: Derch has lent me a hand- I hope I didn’t fudge things up too much- thanks Derch!

It’s this build:

@Carlton_Slayer - you can right-click on the post and “Copy link location”, then simply paste that into your post in the forum editor, and the forum will make the preview thing for you.


Added. Thanks VH. :dukeaffirmative:

@Sljm: I’m missing your Mob Masher, Comrade Carnage, and Boss Blaster builds because the old forum links no longer work. Would you mind porting them over here? Thanks.

I’m also missing Leo_c441’s Umpire Sal build and @Nick21000’s build, so if somebody wouldn’t mind porting them over here, I’d much appreciate it as well. Thanks.

I can answer that one since Sljm is no longer regularly present

The Boss blaster and Mob Masher were consolidated as one and ported here

As for his Comrade Carnage, It’s pretty much the same build as Spunky’s Kittehzerker (though it would make sense to have both separately still…) and I think Spunky credits him in his post


Thanks Chuck. I replaced the top build with this and removed the others. :dukeaffirmative:

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My laptop works again!

Was watching derch & chuck’s lovely sal chat and got nostalgic for some gbx forum.

Chuck is correct, I now have a single Sal build, and for all intents and purposes Spunky’s Kitten build is what Comrade Carnage would have become at OP8, in terms of spec, and probably the most sensible Hoarder build that isn’t just my Sal with a hoarder com instead of L.Gunzerker.

For what it’s worth, Kittehzerker would also be a great fit for a Topneaa build.

P.S. you may want to delete the “/2” off the end of the link to Kittehzerker, as that will bring clickers to the 2nd post in the thread. I had to scroll up and it was very exhausting. :slight_smile:


Fixed. Thanks. :dukeaffirmative:

@Gulfwulf - is there any way that the Level of build line could be changed in the Forever in Pain build from 'up to level 72 (for now) to ‘OP8’? Thanks…:grinning:

Thanks- let me edit my request then. :slight_smile:

You have but to ask. Oh, and cookies. Cookies are always nice.


I think I’m going to try to make something a little different for Salvador. I’ll have to get him to 72 but I was thinking a shotgun build centered around the Heart Breaker, since I don’t see too many people mention it.

Interesting. Maybe take a look at the Kittenzerker build as a point of comparison (since the Kitten acts a bit like a shotgun, and they’re both Moxxi weapons).

I’ll work my way up to an OP8 Salvy and post my findings. I’m thinking a hybrid between Assault rifles and shotguns for a more aggressive Salvy, with possibly the Antagonist.

I played with this idea a bit myself. I took two approaches. I used a hybrid version of Chucks Deputy Build and used a Bekah and slag hail. swapping the hail for a slag kitten at times, and even a Heartbreaker. :wink: The other approach was with fire rate buffs, which steered away from the deputy build. Inconceivable was used for that. and I no longer used the Bekah when i went to the fire rate version for obvious reasons.

I am currenlty playing with a new build for Sal where I go a bit further down the Brawn tree, which I normally have stayed clear of. Bubblegum is a real fun skill paired with a rough rider shield and a legendary zerker com. I also specced into Bus can’t stop and I run around like a Banshee while zerking. lol

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Nice. I’m going to probably take it further and try to complete all op8 with this build I’m working on. My idea isn’t to make a broken build. It’s to use a weapon that’s unconventional on Salvy and make it the primary focus and have it work, regardless of difficulty.

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