Gunzerker Master List: Build Collection

I think I’ll call it Heart Breaker, Dream Maker Salvador.

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I have periodically used the Heartbreaker for my Jakobs build - a Critical Heartbreaker has a 100% crit bonus which works extremely well with a Docs Striker when I’m in sticky areas (otherwise it’s dual Strikers).

I use Magic Missile, Legendary Berserker, Rough Rider or Sham, Dep Badge or Jakobs relic.


Any Hyperion shotgun will work wonderfully with Sal, the Heartbreaker even more so.

IMO, they are at their best when used with a Hoarder type build, with a Legendary hoarder or War dog COM. Try and pair it with something that slags in the off-hand, maybe a Slagga :slight_smile: No need for off-hand moxxi since the HB already is. You will need something else for armored foes, I suggest the Kitten or maybe a Butcher or CC (with another moxxi backup for slag if you go with the shotguns)


I forgot to add my build to the collection. If you could do the honours @Gulfwulf? Thanks!

Manufacturer: Jakobs
Type: ( Mobbing )
Name and link: Striker Salvador
Level of build: up to OP4 ( possibly higher )
Specific Gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: Med


Added. Thanks. :dukeaffirmative:

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@Gulfwulf, I’ve got the web archive versions of the four “old forums” builds if you wish to update the links :

Leo_C441’s Umpire Sal

Hypertion’s God of rocket Launchers

Proof of Concept : a no-Moxxi Brawnzerker for OP8

Nick21000’s In Brick’s shoes

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Thanks, but I’d rather they be ported over here first so I only have to edit the links once.

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hi i was going through the build list and i found some builds that are no longer there as the old forum is gone now, here they are if so are they able to be removed from the list

  • Leo_C441’s Umpire Sal
  • Hypertion’s God of rocket launchers
  • Proof of Concept: a no-Moxxi Brawnzerker for OP8:
  • Nick21000’s In Brick’s shoes

Check my updated links two posts up.

hahaha didnt see yours, do they need to remade on this forum for them to be updated in the main list

Gulf will only add ports rather than update the links - which I understand ( even the web archive is shedding some content and there’s a risk it may all get lost eventually ). It’s a lot of work formatting them but I might get them done at some point.

@Gulfwulf - a port to replace one of the old dead links :


Thanks Jefe. I’ll update the list once I can get back on my computer. Stupid Windows updates. :dukeangry:


I’d rather have to only update the links once if possible and I’ve updated the link to the no-Moxxi build, Jefe. Thanks again.

just in case you havent seen, i have created threads asking if anyone is able to help port old ones to here then it will all be sorted out, jefe is doing the sal ones and im gonna try make a start on maya ones

I saw them, thanks.

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Another port :

This one was pretty quick :wink:


aaaaand another :

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phew! This one took some work!

That’s Sal done.


YES!!!, we are making amazing progress, Krieg done, Sal done, i did 2 for Zero today

Again amazing work on completing sals