Gunzerking Skill Question

I enjoy playing as Salvador and a ‘new’ skill feature is happening. When I Gunzerk , as expected, the ammo regenerates. Using a Loaded Hoarder COM the ammo regenerates much quicker but when the Gunzerking stops the ammo carrys on regenerating at a slightly slower rate. The COM has Filled to the Brim, Lay Waste and 5 shots or 6 bonus skill points. There are only skill points in Lay waste. However there is nothing in the skill description that mentions ammo regeneration when not Gunzerking. Is this a ‘hidden’ feature of the COM or something elase?

It should say ammo Regen on the COM with a value around 3.4 or something.

That’s what the hoarder com does

Thanks. I assumed the higher regeneration rate was only available during Gunzerking