Gunzerking with 2 Jakobs revolvers - viable or not? Discuss

Iunno, was just kinda wondering if it’s something people have tried. Sure haven’t been able to find anything on that topic.


I really like the Maggie and Longarm combo.

Edit - dual Unforgivens is pretty cool too.


Generally speaking, Salvador gets most of his damage output from high fire rate and Money shot.

Neither of which meshes well with Jakobs guns.

Still, you can make it work if you want to. Jefe’s build above is a good example.

I suggest you try the Unforgiven, as you will benefit from an increased fire rate with it and the damage is higher.
And like Jefe mentioned, The Maggie as the small spread will somewhat mitigate the heavy recoil.

You should put a lot of points into brawn as you won’t be able to benefit from Moxxi weapons to heal.

And overall, you should be prepared for sub-standard performance, but other than that, have fun :slight_smile:


Brawn’s the only correct way to tank and no one will convince me otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:
So that shan’t be an issue.

Why exactly is Jakobs + Money Shot a no-go, though? Well, shotguns obviously don’t synergize normally, but last I recall revolvers can have mag sizes big enough to get a sizable, if not max, boost.

A few reasons :

  • Money Shot chains work best with automatic weapons like Vladof or Hyperion.
  • the strength of the Deputy build lies in a 2-shot shotgun in the left hand and a 12-shot in the right. With dual pistols, you get infrequent and weak Money Shots. You could conceivably use a Jakobs shotgun and pistol together but it takes some left/right independence.
  • Inconceivable - which aids in chains - can cause reload stalling with Jakobs, so it’s best not to spec it.

So yes, it’s fine but you won’t get a lot out of it unless you use a shotgun.


If you want to gunzerk with Jakobs pistols, play Nisha in The Pre Sequel. She is the funnest gunzerker in my opinion.

I’m not an expert with Sal as Maya is my main in BL2, but if I were using Sal and Jakobs munitions, I’d go for the Maggie, Unforgiven or Dastardly Iron in the right hand and maybe a Doc’s Coach Gun or Quad in the left hand.

You’re a year too late :wink:

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