GUNZERKUS is a great help to me in this game

If it wasnt for GUNZERKUS for adding me on psn and helping me do TVHM I would still be lvl 45 instead of 52 I wrote this just to show thanks i have for him helping me

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Kudos to you, for thanking someone, in my XP it’s pretty rare! Hit me up and I’ll help lvl you, not the best op8 player but happy to help!

Ok will do thanks for offering i will shoot you a message when i get online if your on

Tx, Yuri - that was an unexpected and most kind note.

And yeah, you should team with Dogstar if you get the chance - got awesome Commando skills to help you pave the way.


Very nice of you to give cred to gunzerkus, not very common! Added you a couple of days ago, feel free to join for xp or anything else, just ask!

Thanks Gunzerkus but far too kind, at best I bring a lot of carnage with a little bit of skill, but I do try lol!