Guy With The Gun Axton Head

Can someone PLEASE give me the Guy With The Gun head?! I’ve downloaded it over a hundred times from Poker Night 2 but it never works, I also emailed gearbox for help but they have yet to respond.
My PSN name is evancolie

Unfortunately the Poker Night 2 heads are not tradable (thus why I am not moving this to the trade section.
But maybe I can help another way. Now by emailed Gearbox, I assume you mean sending in a support ticket, yes? it’s strange for them to not respond to any of your tickets.
Are you able to find your ticket number and comment with it here? (Or send in a new one and use that ticket number)
Maybe @Joe_King could help get the ball rolling on your lost ticket?

In the case you didnt mean you filed a support ticket and rather just sent them an email, do please use this link and send a ticket in for help!

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@evancolie, do you have a ticket number that you could give me? If so, I can check it for you.